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Top 10 Dragnet (1987) Moments

I have always loved this film starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks, so I decided to make another Top 10 video but based on this homage to the popular 50′s TV series. Note: This video may contain spoilers involving the film and I warn to not watch if you haven’t seen the film. Enjoy For more videos, visit my YouTube page…or visit my website

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25 Responses to “Top 10 Dragnet (1987) Moments”

  1. afanofoldradio1 says:

    RIP Harry Morgan

  2. Booshty2 says:

    Wheres The Harry Morgan Parts?

  3. prazzio225 says:

    one of those gang members looks like a young barack obama

  4. ChelseaAllTheWay13 says:

    Thanks for posting. Forgot what a funny movie this was.My favourite line, “Thank god its friday !”

  5. videodiva84 says:

    how come the coffee bar/strip club scene didn’t make the list?

  6. mariecx says:

    “And on a school night, too.” It’s been so long since I’ve seen this movie and I still remember that scene frequently.

  7. dlcjr1775 says:

    How could you leave out the balls and the drawer scene??

  8. sosdkny says:

    “Do you know what goes into an industrialized sausage press?”

    Rodent hairs, bug Excrement!!


  9. salamahol says:

    “Look out, muppets” This makes me piss myself with laughter EVERY time I see it. I used to rewind it and watch that bit over and over!!!

  10. fortminor85 says:

    Joe: Where are you from, miss?
    Connie : Anaheim. Joe:Uh huh.
    Streebek: And her favorite color is blue…..JESUS CHRIST, I’M ABOUT TO BE EATEN HERE!!!!!

  11. miras202 says:

    Bohemia Group

  12. SoCalsportsfan714 says:


    Funnier then some of the other lame parts you put in there

  13. max8987 says:


    not funny

  14. WastedPo says:

    It’s weird. I enjoyed this movie as a kid. Usually when you look back on things like this, they seem less funny. Now it seems even funnier.

  15. SoCalsportsfan714 says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. Your number 1 should really be #2. You left the best scene in the whole movie out. Kathleen Freeman!!! You know, ‘You little miseable bag of puke’ “so there’s nothing you can do about it, you slimy little jizzbucket!” How could you have possibly have left that out?

  16. mark84j says:

    VERY off topic considering the video material, but I’ve always wanted a trench coat like the mugger has at the end of the video. “Hey! Zipperhead!” That guy. What kind of coat is that? What material does it look like?

  17. xEdddie says:

    Lol “Oh thank God Vibrator Repair?, No Los Angeles Police..Sorry..”

  18. forshelley says:

    I will always remember this movie in the theatre. It was the scene with the yellow telephone book and Tom or Dan hits the guy and says “reach out and touch someone”. I went into hysterics laughing so hard. No one else in the whole theatre laughed………. It still cracks me up when I think about it.

  19. FederalPolice620 says:

    @bisp25 You suck, this movie was great

  20. AshleyMarkPomeroy says:

    “Kids, it’ll grow back”, “yaaay!”

  21. betocole says:

    what about the interrogation ????

  22. emmakwall says:

    brilliant, cheers for uploading :) SO FUNNY! 

  23. SprunkLover says:

    “It’s for you… It’s the president” LOL! My favourite.

  24. jatoghia says:

    My favorite scene is the interrogation of Emil Muzz…”Say Joe, wouldn’t a couple of Danishes go great with this coffee?”

  25. jatoghia says:

    My favorite scene is the interrogation of Emil Muzz…”Say Joe, wouldn’t a couple of Danishes go great with this coffee?”

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