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Tommy Davidson – Sábado Gigante

Tommy Davidson talks about late night Spanish television at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. See a lot more exclusive videos of Tommy on Like us Follow us:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Tommy Davidson – Sábado Gigante”

  1. TheCamaro209 says:

    @OlajuwonM09 hehe

  2. OlajuwonM09 says:

    @TheCamaro209 i have a new word for yu.. its called re-runs.. learn it,, watch it,, be salty.!! -____-

  3. TheCamaro209 says:

    @OlajuwonM09 no foo it comes out at 4 or 5 pm

  4. IloveAlb1 says:

    @TheLaughFactory lmao @ Alex he is sooooo damn funny omg

  5. OlajuwonM09 says:

    im watching this at 4:30 in the morning and watching primer impacto extra.. yo no estoy mintiendo.!!

  6. randomname123ish says:

    RIP Nelson :`(

  7. TheNico0000 says:

    funny video.

  8. MrJohnshopkins53 says:

    He does the best Sammy Davis Jr. impression I have ever seen lol!!! he needs to blow the dust off that gag and ride it back to the top…

  9. areejpeeran08 says:

    What is the original date on this Stand- up??

  10. jackdtroughton says:

    @dietoolife No, it’s more ironic, as I’m aware verbosity isn’t intelligence, but I portray in a mock-fashion as if I am. lol

  11. dietoolife says:

    @jackdtroughton Please don’t think your smart because you typed up that paragraph. Go anywhere where poor people are, they will all pretty much have the same lifestyle. It is about economics among other things. But you’ll notice this more judging by how the elite are pretty much disenfranchising everyone these days.

  12. quesokasecheese says:


    i found nelson!!!

  13. victorbuskoven says:

    whats the song 00:33 ?

  14. mrwhatever213 says:

    @818joshhh Ga not Ger fuck face.

  15. crazybbob says:

    @GranderValues Yes. If you listen closely to the former, you can hear a distinct sense of entitlement.

  16. everydayistruggle says:

    Rip nelson de la rosa

  17. Macross4lyfe says:

    23 Mexicans didn’t like this video

  18. shia120 says:

    sdfghjdfghjkfuicgbsxdcfvgbhucyeto. sorry, whiping spit off my keyboard cause i laughed so fucking much i drooled

  19. GranderValues says:

    @818joshhh because you can hear the difference between a white person’s laugh, and that of any other race? right..

  20. jongmagee says:



    that doesnt mean anything lol

  21. PRtoRP says:

    Negro lmfaoo

  22. PRtoRP says:

    ??? nigga he just repeating the same shit

  23. hamsterpoop says:

    Completely ripped off George Carlin at 1:47

  24. BrooklynNYC777 says:


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