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Tom Snyder Jack Douglas day after John Lennon killed

Full DVD can be bought here: . Tom Snyder interviews a very weirded out Jack Douglas, producer of Double Fantasy, the day after John Lennon was killed. This is an excerpt of a Tom Synder Beatles DVD with Paul and Ringo also interviewed on different episodes. I’ll upload one segment of this interview with John Lennon as well, but it is available elsewhere on youtube.
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25 Responses to “Tom Snyder Jack Douglas day after John Lennon killed”

  1. oiyabastard says:

    @KatelynJamie illuminati

  2. oiyabastard says:

    @JohnLennon813 1984 killed john lennon , illuminati

  3. joee75 says:

    Jack Douglas is a musical fucking all his albums he produced…

  4. JohnLennon813 says:

    This interview makes me wanna say, “WHY Chapman? WHY?” Lennon was ready to be more positive and move forward in life; and you just had to stop it!!!

  5. Nineball9100 says:

    I meet John in 1971 and he quit for a short time and JOHN was a new man in the 80′s

  6. KatelynJamie says:

    John had apparently said something to him very strange connected with death, on the night of his death. To this day Jack will not divulge what John said. There was audio form the night before and Jack wiped it after the killing.

  7. rihannarox11 says:

    I wish John knew how many people love him still and how he is an icon that will live on through every generation, I was born 17 years after he died, but I feel like I know him!

  8. xotatumxo says:

    what a great spokesman on johns behalf

  9. derekdextremist1 says:

    it was us limeys and scums that invented the good old USA (only joking). Why don’t we knock all this transatlantic racism on its head. look we’re allies for Christ sake. don’t you think Bin Laden and his ilk would love to see us baiting each other? I’m a brit and a few years ago i spent a few days in New York. The americans were always kind and gracious to us and made us feel at home. God bless our american brothers and sisters….

  10. athakirch77 says:

    @Napoleonkuryakin Yeah God save her so that she gives you more Princes giving nazi salutes at parties and calling you…HER SUBJECT Booohhhahahahahahhahahahaha Limey

  11. athakirch77 says:

    Yeah God save your Queen , and your King fucking idiots..and your Prince giving nazi salutes at parties. You servants…You subjects…and at the end of the day…you scums

  12. zenmachinefilms says:

    Thirty years later this is still hard to watch.

  13. angreemike says:

    Douglas was a classy guy and one of the few that TRULY loved Lennon.

  14. jrock714 says:

    @Napoleonkuryakin And George Harrison almost died at the hands of a Brit with a knife. Guess you bozos are just as bad you twat.

  15. Napoleonkuryakin says:

    Any cunt there can get a gun and just go and kill- what kind of Fuckt up law is that?

  16. Napoleonkuryakin says:

    Fuckt up Yank constitution killed our John-Fuck America! God Save the Queen!

  17. MiddSouthFootball09 says:

    Has anyone seen the clip from the news on 12/8/80 where they are interviewing Jack Douglas and a female he was with? He was wearing like a pinkish checkered shirt. From what I remember Jack was pleading with the NYPD or whoever, to let him into Roosevelt Hospital. I saw it ages ago, but haven’t seen it since. I thought might surface on some of this stuff.

  18. PAULLONDEN says:

    Although Lennon’s a legend ,he was unnessecarily hung up about the “moptop”years.
    Thanks to you know who.Who these days,is riding the coattails of those ‘lesser’ years.
    Thanx ¥, for kidding John into believing he could walk the streets of N Y unprotected.Unlike “over there” “They all love us here”.minders are not needed and uncool.

  19. marvy1118 says:

    “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ~ John Lennon

  20. mazyrun09 says:

    The guy’s obviously holdin back tears as he talks and this maybe gives the impression of being” weirded-out” ! Hes most probably in a shock induced daze …very lucid tho’ !

  21. sjaco444 says:

    Douglas was close to Lennon, and is clearly in shock as he tries to deal with the death of his good friend.

    It is sadly true that Yoko tried to stiff Douglas of his share of royalties from Double Fantasy. He went to court and won easily in spite of Yoko’s lawyers trying to smear Douglas’ reputation. The judge scolded Yoko for her appalling conduct. To call it simply “business, pure and simple” is nonsense. It’s fair to say this was not Yoko’s finest hour.

  22. godhelpme2009 says:

    @oysterboy9 ,i feel very sensitive to the kind of thing U R referring to, it can be subtle sometimes, but i don’t see him as doing that.He seems pretty much just keeping it together. You can see how shallow his breathing is almost the whole time. He was a friend & a fan & U can see he is just telling his personal experience. Also he wanted the message that John was trying to convey w/this new phase in his career not to be lost in the overwhelming response to John Lennon being murdered.

  23. thomasthought says:


  24. DangerousBastard says:

    Weirded out? Well, yeah, his friend was just shot in the back.

    Never seen this before, thanks.

  25. ledZeppelin7680 says:

    @TELEVISIONARCHIVES bullshit, there’s so much evidence that the government was involved with his murder, it would take a leming to ignore it.

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