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Tom Snyder & Bonnie Hunt

1999 and the final week of Tom’s CBS show 1 of his last guest was the magical Bonnie Hunt- Watch the picture as they fly by way of the air!
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Tom Snyder & Bonnie Hunt”

  1. GoblinsFriend says:

    I thought Tom was the greatest, and was really P.O.ed that his show was canceled. Schneider was so interested in his interviewees and in communicating with people. And, I have to admit that his flubs were part of the entertainment — he was s out of touch with pop culture and the modern world.

    Has his interview with the very punk U2 – in the late seventies or early eighties – every been posted? That was so funny. And the funny thing is that U2 come off looking like boobs.

  2. Ovalbugmann says:

    I agree with everyone here, and I enjoy her movie and TV work -she ‘s an exceptional woman; talented, really funny, smart, and quite attractive… I mean right now, I’m looking at her watching this and I’m trying to pay attention to what she’s saying but I’m a little overwhelmed at how totally cute and fine she is. Um,.. WOW.. she’s just stunning!I would say… a very beautiful woman.

  3. calalilygirl says:

    TV will never be like this again. And it was all for free.

  4. calalilygirl says:

    @57cupcake I know what you mean.

  5. menashadude says:

    Two of my favorite talk show hosts.I am literally crying because there is beauty, humor, intellegence, and humanity. All so rare on television. I work in healthcare and I bet she was an awsome nurse. This week I am so bitter at U.S. television and it’s decision to cancel Bonnie’s talk show…….why must all good things come to an end. I am from Chicago but alas, no longer reside there. I know I’m rambling…When I get to heaven I know that late night Heaven Television will have these two on.

  6. satchboogyfan says:

    Great example of TS just being a great guy
    With great stories
    A perfect way to end a day
    Listen to him and have a nightcap

  7. peregrinusnoctis says:

    Classic stuff. Snyder, arguably, had the best late night show. When he was ON–that is to say, when he was toe-to-toe with a guest whom he adored–no one could touch him. Witty, engaging, infectious laughter. Bonnie Hunt’s the stuff, here, too–playing off the man, beat for beat. Illinois girls are best!

  8. ashnashbffs4eva says:

    no she wasnt and shes an actress shes in cars, beethoven, jumangi, green mile, jerry maguire, rain man she wrote and directed the movie return to me….. she has her own talk show the bonnie hunt show hope this helps :)

  9. Songsmirth says:

    Bonnie Hunt is a sweetie. I’m glad they let her go with this movie. David Duchovny was perfect. And Bonnie with Jim were excellent. Minnie was OK, and I can’t think of someone else but not as perfect. I don’t know why. I just bought it and am enjoying it anew. Bonnie did a wonderful job as did the cast. Caroll O’Conner is an alumni and benifactor of our U of M here. I only met her but a very nice lady. Enjoyable interview when people are so comforable with each other. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Aliendear says:

    I have never heard of Bonnie Hunt. Who is bonnie hunt?BTW, has anyone seen Mike Hunt? Was Bonnie part of the partridge family?

  11. 57cupcake says:

    i miss tom snyder!

  12. go4a24 says:

    Second funniest woman alive, Ellen is best but Bonnies better looking.

  13. thesnoggingmollys says:

    i know im saying return to me sounds alot like seven pounds

  14. jermar79 says:

    Bonnie is so funny. Thanks for posting!

  15. Fi1mFan says:

    NO, it;s “Return To Me” NOT “Seven pounds”!

  16. thesnoggingmollys says:

    holy shit bonnie hunt wrote 7 pounds, and they stole it from her.

  17. SHRINA17 says:

    Bonnie is so great! Talented, funny and so pretty!

  18. ThrivingIvy says:

    Bonnie really is the best. Funny, cute and totally real. Love it.

  19. kbdok100 says:

    Okay maybe Im a bit slow but I dont get the joke about remove from freezer and pour-that I understand….but the part about remembering that from her honeymoon????

    Any explainations?

  20. NAC50 says:

    We LOVE Bonnie Hunt! We can’t get enough of her talk show. She is destined to be the QUEEN of Late Night Talk Shows if she wants it. Meanwhile, we will just enjoy the afternoon sunshine she brings us.

  21. feyfreapoehlerbear says:


  22. nohollaback says:

    Hope it sticks around longer than her other shows – they were funny, too. She’s so emensely talented (“Return To Me” is so wonderful) and quick-witted. LOVE HER!

  23. coldbluerain says:

    what channel is this talk show on? i live in michigan!

  24. rhymeandreasoning says:

    Bonnie’s talk show is fabulous…I watch the show here in Montreal…I hope and pray her ratings are good and the show stays on the air..She is delicious!!!

  25. bribabytt says:

    And now she DOES have her own talk show…only nine years later! Bout time!

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