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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers–Old Grey Whistle Test 1

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19 Responses to “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers–Old Grey Whistle Test 1”

  1. TNMinuteMan says:

    At 2:25, so Mike’s Les Paul Goldtop, ive seen him use it a lot in the early days, was it originally equipped with p-90′s and he put mini-humbuckers in it or vice versa? Without a doubt, one of the most underrated guitarists ever!

  2. Clearwater4505 says:

    love the sunglasses tom i got a pair that looks pretty close to those

  3. 33smokechic says:

    @Aaronlm91 …anything that’s rock n roll….it came of their first album titled tom petty and the heartbreakers

  4. 33smokechic says:

    tom petty and the heartbreakers at their best!!!<3

  5. Aaronlm91 says:

    Whats the first song they played?

  6. bagli1 says:

    @steelybass i hate this sentiment!! sick of hearing it

  7. muchavo says:

    @matsutakneatche mediocre rockabilly? huh, interesting point of view. the heart breakers are really doing something completely different than radiohead. ive always thought an important part of it was paying homage to tradition. something that radiohead doesn’t seem to be as concerned with. to think about all the ground this band has covered is amazing: dominating the charts, innovative music videos, backing johnny cash, the wilburys, and wildflowers. You can’t deny that these guys love music!

  8. matsutakneatche says:

    @steelybass yeh right radiohead just doesnt compare to this mediocre rockabilly,lol

  9. Phangmaster says:

    @spudgun05 that’s what youtube is for!

  10. spudgun05 says:

    @steelybass that’s right mate the only thing on uk tv that is good is old jools holland for real music ,i think a program showing all the goodies would go down well ,,or are we getting old?? as the old stuff aint here now is it? what would they show

  11. Guedingen says:

    The musical afinity with the Dwight Twilley Band is uncanny. Petty certainly deserved the success, just wish DT and Phil Seymour had had a touch more of it too. Many thanks for the upload.

  12. Exilemainstreet says:

    i still need to find a good pair of quality aviator shades. The shades they make today are too light, not super dark like they used to make in the 70s.

  13. lllwastelll says:

    is this real . good video

  14. hotshotsugar94 says:

    thank you for posting this
    i’ve been wanting to see this forever :D

  15. steelybass says:

    they dont make em like they used too!!

    bring back the old grey whistle test.. lets listen to some REAL music ;)

  16. PeterCRissKISSgod says:

    Vox Super Beetle Cabinets in the 70′s.

    a rare sight.

  17. Familyguy1230 says:

    man toms having a great time in the beginning

  18. Lisihaldir says:


  19. 28if says:

    Their first Hit anywhere. Weird because it got them lumped in with the punk bands, I think they got confused with Johnny Thunder and the Heartbreakers. I still have a “punk” stars album from 197x with Tom Petty as well as the Damned, Xrayspecs etc.

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