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“Toking” with Lawrence Welk

Lawrence Welk does “One Toke Over The Line”. Wow.
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25 Responses to ““Toking” with Lawrence Welk”

  1. liquidgee13 says:

    Would’ve loved to have had someone sit down and do some explaining to Mr. Welk about the references this song alludes to. The guy probably would’ve shit a twinkie. Funny, though, it’d would’ve been real funny if ya got it all on video. Modern day spiritual my ass.

  2. chemdude77 says:

    Too bad the ole LW show is no longer produced live. They could do some great remakes…
    -Straight Outta Compton
    -Candy Shop
    -Got Money
    -Gin And Juice

  3. jstevenj1 says:

    “Modern Spiritual”? Ride that White horse Larry baby, get it in where you can fit it in, LOL.

  4. jsharp1701 says:

    These folks were in the music business. There were drunks, stoners, and lotharios on the LW show, same as any other gig. (No matter what they say in interviews aimed at their Greatest Generation fans). Trust me, Dale and Gayle knew – by proximity at the very least – what a toke was.

  5. tiktoride says:

    I can just vision Lawrence Welk, rolling a big blunt. This is hilarious. A Spiritual? I guess you could call it the “Holy Herb”.

  6. flipjack says:

    This is the Lawrence Welk version of “Sweet Leaf” .. you know with the cough at the beginning and everything.

  7. itoldja says:

    just one?

  8. MrJoesmokey says:


  9. thanksforthemusic says:

    Freakin’ Hilarious…

  10. taurusfroggy says:

    I love to sing this song in the car really loudly with a Southern accent…

  11. RunnerXxGirl42 says:

    haha “a modern spiritual” they had no clue what this song was about :)

  12. Masterdebater747 says:

    @CodyC6969 Huh?

  13. CodyC6969 says:

    Not everyone is addicted to drugs. Dumbass.

  14. gregd777 says:

    @Widmerpool99 ha ha ha ha!

  15. GianneC says:

    @hypermolicule they heard “sweet Jesus” and “Mary” and though it was a religious song XD. Well it is if you do think about it.

  16. noisepuppet says:

    These people were HIGH AS FUCK.

  17. hypermolicule says:

    dear lord!! Do they know what a toke Is!???????

  18. Masterdebater747 says:

    Did anyone even bother explaining this to them? Ignorance is often a godsend for humor. Nice work Welk!

  19. NickB1967 says:

    @TheRealRussG: Lawrence may have had no clue, but the big goofy grins on “Gayle and Dale” imply that they damn well knew they were pulling one over on Lawrence Welk and the censors.

  20. Widmerpool99 says:

    Is he fingering her from behind? She seems to be enjoying it.

  21. Diceydee says:

    @amberberglund Well, there is nothing inherently UNwholesome about a little toking. It’s just a natural weed. Not that I can see Gail and Dale in those getups sharing a spliff. In fact, I’m a bit stoned right now and that bug on Gail’s smock is freaking me out a little. I wonder if she ironed it on herself.

  22. TheRealRussG says:

    ok that guy who did the intro knows … just look at his face and actions LMAO. the singers and lawrence have no clue LMAO LOL LOL

  23. rivv3tify says:

    @mrREDBIRDFAN Well.. this is definitely the pill-popping boozer crowd. People who do that do everything else, when they’re trashed, and just lie about it afterwards.

  24. drystyx says:

    All depends on the year. If you lived in the seventies, you’d know that the “toke” was still a very secretive word until about 1974. The range of general knowledge over the states ran from about 1972 for the extreme hippy to about 1975 for the normal person to about 1977 for the conservative public. It’s very doubtful that these performers knew what they were singing about. In those days, singers like this basically just studied their craft, and weren’t all that “modernized”.

  25. amberberglund says:

    They sure make smoking marijuana seem wholesome, don’t they? Can you imagine them sitting around a railway station passing a joint between the two of them?

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