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“Toking” with Lawrence Welk

Lawrence Welk does “1 Toke Over The Line”. Wow.

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25 Responses to ““Toking” with Lawrence Welk”

  1. mitchdfla says:

    The guy with the accordian obviously was choking as he couldn’t hold his smoke too well

  2. mindspring57 says:

    @gpost2800 This could be. During the war, Lawrence could not understand why his orchestra members objected to being called the tuity-fruity boys.

  3. fanofming says:

    “A modern spiritual”… LMFAO! And what is that wood thing they’re leaning against? Something to hold up that fake tree?

  4. snugglebunny469 says:

    And a one and a Toke…………..

  5. terrryc says:


  6. rckrchck says:

    Where’s the bubbles?

  7. cuauhtemoc130 says:

    Just one? Poor bastards.

  8. computerpurple says:

    If ya miss this show there is SORT OF a modern one around now it’s called The Huckabee Show.

  9. hemiglos says:

    Modern spiritual? Criminy. Did anyone ever sing Inna Gadda Da Vida or Spirit in the Sky on LW?

  10. chkrat22 says:

    Tank you Gale and Dale vor dat wunnerful spiritual. Give me a hit on dat nummer… and a wun and a two…

  11. gpost2800 says:

    Now we know how Lawrence Welk died: Right after this show aired, someone told him what “toke” means.

  12. UppsalaBaronen says:

    “sWEEDen likes this”

  13. MadDawg60 says:

    Brewer and Shipley wrote the tune on a whim. I have seen this video so many times and it still makes me laugh. These two are so “White Bread” cute and, obviously, not aware of what the are really saying in the song, especially the chorus; its only “redeeming” quality to the show’s producers was that it mentions Jesus! Way to go Gale and Dale! Don’t beaugart that joint, my friends!

  14. dstruck0622 says:

    @rbert16000 I would pay very good money to see Zappa on Lawrence Welk.

  15. snugglebunny469 says:

    And a one and a Toke…………..

  16. mitchflorida says:

    I really like this version .. better than the original.

  17. rbert16000 says:

    I heard he died before his producers would let him do any Frank Zappa!

  18. Born2bRedeemed says:

    That is hilarious!!! It’s hard to fathom that NO ONE involved in this show knew what this song was about

  19. babybloc says:

    It does not appear to be fake, amazingly enough: Check the brewerandshipley website for backup. (I’m sure others have said this.)

  20. bayc908 says:

    nice modulation!

  21. slimturnpike says:

    cmon people it’s fake

  22. mynamehappy says:

    @JimBites For truth. Pretty funny shit though. They obviously have no clue what a toke is.

  23. TheCandySlayer says:

    Drugs are bad. Mmkay.

  24. kachina333 says:

    i think they are actually TWO tokes over the line !!!

  25. yummyvoo says:

    Ha Ha Ha Lawrence says “there you heard a modern spiritual by Dale and Gayle”. Laughed so hard it gave me tears.

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