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To Tell the Truth – William M Gaines

A panel which includes two game show legends, Bill Cullen & Gene Rayburn, cross-examines the founder & publisher of MAD Magazine. Dick DeBartolo, who was collecting paychecks from both Gaines and Goodson-Todman at this point, pops up throughout the credits.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “To Tell the Truth – William M Gaines”

  1. jfilesbooks says:

    The guy on the far left is Mr Gaines

  2. A01002401 says:

    I wonder why Gaines didn’t mention any of the EC horror comics in his letter. Hmmm. I guess the memory was a little too painful.

  3. Independantfellow says:

    @vpdisco I want to pull that rug off his head.

  4. 5inthehole says:

    Doesn’t it figure? The man who gave millions gut splitting laughter and its anticedent, happiness, does get a vote. Ah, such is life…

  5. GMSpectre says:

    @vpdisco An extra from the Mort Drucker drawn parody in the beginning of the issue :) .

  6. trifektaproductions says:

    @amadoff My dear friend is William Gaines nephew. His mother was Williams sister

  7. remdog1138 says:

    Dick before his fantastic Mustache.

  8. ImaginedWhimsy says:

    Number 3 looks and acts a little like Christopher Walken. :)

  9. cdgrnr says:

    I’m 13 and I love this show.

  10. cochranexyz says:

    I grew up reading Mad. It greatly influenced me.

  11. 5inthehole says:

    It figures that Bill Gains wouldn’t get a vote.Now that’s integrity! Thanks for the laughs and rest in peace.

  12. mapflu says:

    @roddiero You must see the episode where Rosa Parks is featured. The results is surprising.

  13. roddiero says:

    Neat show! Too bad that wouldn’t work these days.

  14. jackdeath says:

    @Geostrum2 Not True! You can see a 24 year old Dick DeBartolo at 9:33

    He worked for both Goodson-Todman game shows and MAD Magazine.

  15. djsmeg says:

    I guess it says something about me but I just can’t fathom NOT knowing who Gaines was…

  16. GameShowManOne says:

    God, this set was hideous.

  17. RyoSanadaOfWildfire says:

    At 5:36 he said his father changed it. Didn’t William change it entertainment?

  18. See918 says:

    #3 said Doug Berg, he meant Dave Berg, who did The Lighter Side Of… He’s dead.

  19. quizmaster85 says:

    Me worry?

  20. venuecam says:

    Both William Gaines and Larry Flint were similar kinds of publishers. They used comical satire that featured racy subject matter. They refused to follow the status quo. They were both extremely stubborn publishers. They went to extra-ordinary lengths to keep people reading their publications.

    Btw. Is that Larry King @ 4:00? Wtf.

  21. storrs19 says:

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this. GSN no longer owns the rights to it and didn’t show TTTT even when they did. These shows are likely to never be seen again. You are lucky to have them on tape.

  22. Geostrum2 says:

    They’re all dead!

  23. AdamNedeff says:

    Three people claim to be the same person. One IS that person and must give truthful answers. The other two are imposters and they can lie all they want. Panel has to grill all three of them with questions and vote on who the real person is.

  24. IMakeOrWatchVideos says:

    im not sure how this game works

  25. haharleyman says:

    William M Gaines ~~ Him and his staff were truly genuises!! ever since he passed the magazine hasnt been the same, Rest in Peace my friend and thanjs for all the great laighs you published!!! (and yes I still have most of my collection)

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