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To Tell the Truth – Morgana the Kissing Bandit

Just in time for Spring Training…An incredibly funny game of “To Tell the Truth” from 1978.
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25 Responses to “To Tell the Truth – Morgana the Kissing Bandit”

  1. GSpeedEmotion says:

    Man, i could swim between those titties!!

  2. DomenicDee says:

    WOW!! Damn, she’s FINE!!

  3. HurricaneDDragon says:

    they jiggle so…
    i’m in love

  4. nicolettepowell says:

    Hot big girls seeking romance online

  5. kyokogodai says:

    I saw her, many years ago! It was at Tiger Stadium, in a weekend series against the Toronto Blue Jays. She jumped out and ran after John Olerud. He ran from her, which made the Detroit crowd laugh and yell. She finally gave up on him, and went after Roberto Alomar. Alomar took the hug and kiss on the cheek. I was sitting in the upper deck, and felt the breeze!!!!

  6. regency98us says:

    I remember her well… those huge boobs

  7. MegaObserver1 says:

    @Lennon4life1968 Alan Kalter is 67. He has been a network/syndicated TV show announcer since the early-mid 1970′s.

  8. Jkn127 says:

    My god. Those tits!

  9. andyrooney11 says:

    A bunch of people I never heard of from 32 years ago. The show was interesting though.

  10. emailroy2002 says:

    that is the biggest things i ever seen!

  11. ValleyGyrlTV says:

    Geez, those are some funny looking white dudes..LOL

  12. AutisticPersona says:

    I need about ten minutes…..

  13. dharmaseed says:

    Was number three a drag queen?

  14. watermelonygoodness says:

    Unbelievably random lol.

  15. Lennon4life1968 says:

    hmmm..I never knew Alan Kalter has been announcing as long as he has.

  16. steventhestudent says:

    Kitty Carlisle was pretty sexy even when she got older

  17. AdamNedeff says:

    …and seeing a 70s game show clip involving a celebrity panel’s reaction to a contestant with comically enormous breasts compels you to type that because…

  18. FireYourJOB says:

    Mark my worDs: Mitt Romney will be PresiDent in 2012…

  19. MegaObserver1 says:

    Yep. Kalter is in his mid 60′s (believe it or not) and has been announcing for network and syndicated TV shows for almost 40 years.

  20. MegaObserver1 says:

    Bill Cullen was a HUGE sports fan. He frequently made guest appearance in the radio booths for Pittsburgh teams, and early in his career was on the Pirates radio team.

  21. mavivirgie says:


  22. juanparty says:

    here tits are real?

  23. PhiloPharnsworth says:

    Morganna “The Wild One” put on a playful strip show that was a delight to watch. Her act WAS harmless fun and she has been missed by her many fans since her retirement in Columbus, OH. I feel sorry for those who never got to see her in person. She did appear in a couple of disappointing vintage soft-core movies. For some super-sexy cleavage, be sure to view her guest spot with Bob Shreve on his vintage all-night-movies TV show.

  24. wleoradio says:

    shes football

  25. ciccocenta says:

    oh i rememebr this chick. she had these gigantic boobs and would run on the playing field in a t-shirt & kiss a baseball player. when she ran her tits would jiggle wildly & everyone thought the whole thing was hilarious. whatever happened to her??

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