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To Tell the Truth: Frank William Abagnale Jr. (1977)

Frank William Abagnale, Jr. Is an American former check confidence trickster, forger and impostor who, for five years in the 1960s, passed bad checks worth about .5 million in 26 countries. During this time, he used at least eight aliases to cash bad checks. Currently he runs Abagnale and Associates, a financial fraud consultancy company. His life story provided the inspiration for the feature film Catch Me if You Can, based on his ghostwritten biography of the same name. More info:
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25 Responses to “To Tell the Truth: Frank William Abagnale Jr. (1977)”

  1. imbarisaxy says:

    yall are dumb god doesnt even exist so why are you guys arguing?

  2. babehc says:

    he looks so innocent aww
    but he is sure a genius

  3. sfumato1002 says:

    We all do wrong things…what matters is what we do to redeeming ourselves. Paul, before his conversion, had Christians arrested to be killed. Just an example.
    Each of us will stand before God…so it’s best to focus on your faults instead of Frank’s.

  4. luridhue says:

    @sfumato1002 yes we are, that still does NOT change the fact that this man should not be looked up to because he was a great thief.. what he did was wrong.

  5. sfumato1002 says:

    @luridhue , we are all sinners…let the man without sin throw the first rock.

  6. uglybetty40891 says:

    woah. he doesn’t look like he have the confidence or “umph” that Leo portrayed in the movie. I mean, he doesn’t look like he can sweet talk any woman or any old mature man can fall for any of his thoughts, his lisps…:|||

    anyway just finished watching the movie and it was awesome, even though a lot was changed for the dramatic connection to the viewers.

  7. LedZeppelin13k7 says:

    the man is my hero.

  8. luridhue says:

    @binaway it is, period. “thou shall not steal.” no exceptions.

  9. binaway says:

    @luridhue I worked with a Sri Lankan who was employed by a big US oil company working in Iran during the revolution. The company evacuated the Western employees but abandoned the Asians. With a small group of friends they stole a VW van and drove out the country across India and sold the van to buy ferry tickets to reach Sri Lanka. It was that or die. Stealing is not always a sin, period.

  10. LEEKYLE99 says:

    @maniijeh lucky is not the word for frank, how many people can be put away for 12 years and then be released early by the FBi themselves and now in his senior years he is a multi millionaire because of his security fraud business? He is the epitamy of lucky

  11. darrellkaiser11285 says:

    It was kind of dumb how they recreated this in the film Catch Me If You Can and never referred back to it.

  12. Browneyes221996 says:

    Christ… I’m reading his book as I post this… I’m reading right now about how he got a license from pan am… So far it’s FREAKING AMAZING… And I also saw the movie… It’s so different. But that’s okay cause Leonardo dicaprio is in it and Leo makes everything better. =]

  13. cspj12 says:

    everyone download this video so you can repost it if it gets deleted or whatever

  14. MyPaperBleedsInk says:

    No votes? Wow…. he must be a good imposter.

  15. robertlaf says:

    I read his book. It was a judge in Sweden who saved him. He broke Swedish law and sent Frank back to America instead of sending him to life in prison in Europe, after Sweden he was going to France and other countries’ prisons.

  16. shylessness49 says:

    I love how they all get screwed in the show! They suck!

  17. Tibbex says:

    Why was he in this show??

  18. tigerneedsblood says:

    loved the movie…. and yeah that teacher part was best in the movie… loved it…

  19. szentagostonka says:


  20. kazx2000 says:

    what i thought was funny, was when in the film he prented to be a teacher lol

  21. 00hannabananna00 says:

    the film is amazing!! but the REAL man is even more amazing!! we really owe him some respect :)

  22. PAUL21995 says:

    What a ledgend!

  23. KennyParkz says:

    @luke2thab O.O

  24. luke2thab says:

    @KennyParkz What are you smiling at? STOP STARING AT ME!

  25. KennyParkz says:

    @luke2thab xD

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