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To Tell the Truth (1966) – Trapeze

Panelists Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean and Kitty Carlisle try to figure out who is the daring young woman on the flying trapeze, Donna Meyers. Originally broadcast Sept. 16,1966.
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25 Responses to “To Tell the Truth (1966) – Trapeze”

  1. JeffW77 says:

    Agree with Hopemelonfest. Bud Collyer was a great host…he may be the first person I ever heard say, “…and God Bless you.” Panelists were so smart, urbane and clever–and Orson Bean is a funny funny man.

  2. Wolfsbane909 says:

    the only way to watch new “to the truth” shows u have to watch the vintage ones haha

  3. safehaven11 says:

    The good old times when celebrities were funnier smarter and more charming.

  4. staytunedfor says:

    I would guess it’s a daytime episode based solely on the way that Kitty and Peggy are dressed. For the prime-time show, they usually wore glitzier outfits (not that they don’t look perfectly lovely here ;-) ).

  5. blazed24sevn says:

    will the real Slim Shady please stand up

  6. hopemelonfest says:

    I watched this show as a small child in the late 1960′s. I remember Kitty, Orson, and Peggy well. This is exactly as I remember…plus, it’s INTELLIGENT! Imagine, something like this on tv now!

  7. secondchance1977 says:

    Ah, one of the great shows like WML and IGAS that wasnt properly preserved. Such sadness.

  8. ZekeVoltage says:

    2 secretaries and a trapeze artist. I don’t know what to think about that.

  9. kimberlyKfnOphiEAGLE says:

    What network ran this show? I forget.

  10. kes1963 says:

    kitty could have said that doing TTTT was beneath her, but she did at least one show in 6 different decades

  11. carlsperr says:

    They are now showing B&W What’s My Line? and I’ve Got A Secret but it depends on if you have cable or satellite as to the time you get it unless you are on Eastern time then both get it at 3 and 3:30AM so check your local TV schedule.

  12. wmbrown6 says:

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but didn’t the daytime “TTTT” have a different executive producer from the nighttime version? That may explain why almost all nighttime episodes exist on kinescope while the surviving daytime shows are on videotape. I know Gil Fates was on the nighttime version, didn’t Bruno Zirato Jr. handle the daytime?

  13. fromthesidelines says:

    The daytime edition was shown in black & white until January 1967, then switched to color; the 1965-’68 shows were preserved on videotape. The “evening” shows were preserved on b&w kinescope film only (including the last “color” season in 1966-’67)….

  14. Carycomic says:

    Btw: did anyone else notice how much Ms. LaMonaco’s (Contestant #2) hairstyle makes her slightly resemble “Stella Mudd?” From the “Mudd’s Planet” episode of STAR TREK: TOS?

  15. 143AC says:

    Dear Bill Koenig,

    Mr.Collyer also did “Superman’s”and

    “Clark Kent’s”voices for “The Adventures

    Of Superman”radio show and”The Superman”

    Movie cartoons.

  16. Jaybird1103 says:

    Yes, I used to watch To Tell The Truth all the time on TV (it was the 1970′s versions), and also the Lynn Swann/Alex Trebek hosted ones. I liked the way Orson Bean did the numbers on his card according to the subject. It’s a shame he didn’t get to do it in the 1990′s version because the cards were already printed out with gold numbers.

  17. Carycomic says:

    This is a great clip. And, Orson Bean was always my favorite panelist, when I watched this show as a kid. Because he always drew such hilarious pictures on his voting card. Just as he did, in this one!

  18. mrsbrown333 says:

    i agree! whats wrong with the game show network..the largest democraphic group in the usa is baby boomers..they should be catering to the demographic. bring back black and white sunday night.

  19. Holdenon3 says:

    A few years ago Game Show Network used to run “Black And White Sunday Night”. It was a great chance to watch all these classics. I wish they’d bring it back.

  20. BillKoenig says:

    Do a search on “Superman” and “Filmation” and you can probably catch some Bud Collyer-voiced Superman cartoons.

  21. someguy23475 says:

    It’s probably a daytime episode. The nighttime was probably in color by this point, but I could be wrong.

  22. frankftw says:

    Wow! A videotape instead of a kinescope!

  23. gymnastix says:

    Thank goodness for You Tube–now our best resource for mass viewing of these classic game show moments! And let’s hope someday that YT will allow for larger file sizes, so half-hour programs such as this may be uploaded in one send, saved as one file for simpilicity in downloading.

  24. gymnastix says:

    I really wish GSN would schedule the Goodson-Todman classics, both the network & syndicated versions, more frequently than just a one-hour, overnight block of programming, as cablecasters in many parts of the country carry GSN on shared channels & so viewers may not even see that limited offering. How are these game show greats to be remembered if these programs are never aired?

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