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Timmie Rogers: On The Jackie Gleason Show

1 of Timmie’s appearances on the Jackie Gleason Show. It was about 1969 when Timmie appeared on Television with this fabulous act.
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25 Responses to “Timmie Rogers: On The Jackie Gleason Show”

  1. MemphisGrooves says:

    Thanks for the post ♥♥♫♫♪♪ !!..

  2. info145 says:

    Damn that had me cracking up laughing ☺

  3. iggypopbowie77 says:

    You pathetic fool!

  4. Myra1959 says:

    Great entertainment. I grew up in that area and grew up watching the show. Doing the funky Broadway was the thing in the late 1960s. He is the Great One. Jackie Gleason and Timmie Rogers were having fun on stage.

  5. Z0hann says:

    I miss TV like this, classy entertainers doing what they want to do at their best, and smoking on tv! :D

  6. bigdog0800 says:

    just jokes which are fine when they come from a good place steriotypical or not. Self depricating humor was Jackies thing and he was not putting anyone down at all. Get a life and chill the fuck out patna

  7. terjer01 says:

    Great interaction between two great, classy entertainers! They played off each other beautifully! :)

  8. YeahRight825 says:

    Man, this clip is AWESOME!… these two were really funny together… Jackie was the Greatest!

  9. MIKESOWELL says:

    Geez stop politicizing everything! Just enjoy it. This is 1960s America. I love this type of Comedy. I hate censorship.

  10. pushnevahda says:

    Its interesting that Gleason could allow such stereotypical and racist jokes because he was very involved in the black arts movement and the civil rights movement. A truly remarkable white guy he was. I suppose that this clip demonstrates how he was just as much a product of the racist television standards as Timmie Rogers, perhaps.

  11. 2stupid12 says:

    Does anyone have any other vids of the Jackie Gleason show? Jackie rules!!!

  12. bullcur says:

    “oh yeah”…..did several Ed Sullivan shows.I remember when I was kid,funny cat.

  13. sexymama1966 says:

    he was gettin’ it..what was the dance he was doing?

  14. 000266617 says:

    Irish guys with big TV shows with black guests: Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason, (and a few others)

  15. luc214 says:

    naw I don’t think it is really offensive

  16. 000266617 says:

    For this reason, I don’t think any blacks can be offended by the ribs or soul food joke. At least I don’t see why they would. At the worst, it may be silly, but not racist.

  17. luc214 says:

    yeah I know

    however I was also thinking that it was just referring to him being a “soul brother”, ribs are common in soul food :p

  18. 000266617 says:

    It’s a pretty silly sterotype. As if KFC and Churches don’t have many white and Asian customers or blacks are the only ones likeing and eating fried chicken. The barbque champion was a white southern guy. Whites grill all over America.

  19. luc214 says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a stereotype though. like african americans and fried chicken.

  20. hookalakah says:

    OHHH YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! God bless Timmie Rodgers. He was so funny. When I was able to catch him on the Gleason Show–seems to me as early as ’63–he just lit up the room and had me rolling for days afterward. Timmie was an American original and multi-talented. He used to take part in the B.S. choruses with all of the old hoofers at the end of all the tap shows in L.A., from the late ’70s to his passing. I miss him already.

  21. thegoosebrain says:

    Can you buy these shows anywhere?

  22. ebf1957 says:

    Timmie was on Sandford and Son for a while. Oh yeaaahhh!

  23. VuhJJ says:

    Timmie and my father, Al Fields, were music partners. They wrote some wonderful songs for the likes of Nat King Cole (It’s Crazy) and many others. Timmie and his 10-string Tipple were a fixture in our home and his recent passing is a loss to the comedy world and entertainment in general. He will be remembered forever. OH YEAH!!!

  24. 000266617 says:

    I don’t think the joke is offensive eventhough both southern whites and blacks barbecue and enjoy ribs beside many other people. Ribs are not really a black thing.
    Chinese cook ribs.

  25. luc214 says:

    “Who else would kill a dinosaur and barbecue the ribs?”

    Lol early racial humor.

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