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Time Tunnel 1/5

2002 Time Tunnel Pilot Remake for Fox, but was never picked up

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25 Responses to “Time Tunnel 1/5”

  1. Onlymusical says:

    At least James Darren’s not in it.

    Hey, I do think this is better than the original but that’s a pretty low bar, it wasn’t exactly “Maverick,” Robert Colbert’s first series. I wish every episode would feature another jarring change when the time travelers return, though, like that episode of “The Simpsons” where Homer’s family all have long lizard tongues they stick out to take their food.

  2. swede85 says:

    @EnforcedWarwick I found this online, but I do believe this version of Time Tunnel is on the season 1 DVD for the original show

  3. EnforcedWarwick says:

    @swede85 Thank you heaps for uploading this movie I would like to get it on DVD or Blu-Ray if possible take care! Please let me know if you have any copies of this movie on DVD thank you.

  4. robphilll22 says:

    You have to build the same exact sets to scale and the same music and sounds of the 60′s. Any thing else would fall way short.Need the famous chime noise when the transfers take place.The problem with the original was the predictability.The remake was hurried and misses the mark .

  5. Fussinated says:

    The music at the background gives this show a cheap aspect.

  6. screenwitch says:

    Wow, he’s really handsome, this guy playng Mr. Phillips.. ;-)

  7. MinkeySimon says:

    I would pay for this to be made into a series, cool!

  8. sharkisland89 says:

    The intro alone is more intelligent that 95% of tv shows currently on the air.

  9. thecamulos says:

    I would say that it’s too bad that this never got picked up, but I’m glad it didn’t. I would rather have the one season of Firefly than ten seasons of this. Still, good idea for a show.

  10. cabinet1991 says:

    @voyager202000 The red light is actually from the original show.

  11. verminouscountenance says:

    Isn’t it funny how the uninformed like to make statements like “They ripped off Sliders!” Watch something older than 10 years ago people. Everything has been done at least 4 times if you look back far enough.

  12. gizmo947 says:

    Wow! Using the Fight Club score, huh?

  13. 2bn442RCT says:

    @damkaymike55 would be better if Steve Garvey and Jack Snow were the actors.

  14. archangel72367 says:

    @CharismaticLife part of the time changes…how did you not get that?

  15. damkaymike55 says:

    The original was a classic, but I like the different spin on this version-I wish they would have given it a chance-

  16. teendude16 says:

    I would throw it away too, it’s crap again.

  17. voyager202000 says:

    This was CLEARLY a rip off from “Sliders” especially the “red light”! Plus making Tony a female scientist now, talk about no originality or creativity!!! That is the trouble with Hollywood they have no new thinking just re-hashing old movies or old series and putting their spin on them! Heck most of the people who post on here have more creativity than the overpaid think tanks of Hollywood!!!

  18. funkg says:

    they should of been a bit bolder in the into, it has all the usual modern drama cliches

  19. epicwolf3 says:

    I think they should have given it a chance. It looked like a pretty good start to the show. It makes since that they didn’t have to much action that would have killed the mood of the main character.

  20. CharismaticLife says:

    Ya…Louisville is not the capital of Kentucky. It’s Frankfort. How did no one catch that while filming/editing?

  21. bobszvetics1 says:


  22. dmkroslindale says:

    Well, at least they got the config of the tunnel right this time. It’s somewhat of a Mobius Coil design. There’s a decent shot at pulling a torsion field with this one. You need that to bend gravity and via that, time. I particularly like the Dan Burich look-alike as the man in charge. I found that humorous. Almost as snarky as well.

  23. sandcut1 says:

    @mamabear123454321 Go watch something else then. Your comment is not helpful in anyway.

  24. wpwarwick1958 says:

    I wished that Fox would had picked picked up this time tunnel I iused to watch this program with my children in 1966 to 1967 and it was a very good series and it was a veryy good tv series during that period of time

  25. ThePirocadoida says:

    WTF they cross de red light and stops at the green

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