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they seem to be highly influenced by the abba sound, especially when the girls are singing together! good song!

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25 Responses to “TIGHT FIT – FANTASY ISLAND”

  1. chhhanges says:

    I adore this song,it makes me want to get up and dance,nothing these dAys is made as cheesy as this and that’s a bit of a shame.


    great classic music of the 80′s they don’t
    make good videos like this as good they’re
    use to be pure class.

  3. richardsonjames1971 says:

    This is very very camp!!!! OMG I love the 80′s. If you close your eyes there is a resemblence betwwen them and the ABBA girls.

  4. Felix2417425 says:

    My favorite song! The best what I ever heard!!! I like that very much. ;-)

  5. floralpixie says:

    Is it my imagination but if you close youre eyes, could this not be ABBA singing this…

  6. spangleJ says:

    Oh God. mIssing 1982. It’s true – what they say about innocent days…

  7. assidd73 says:

    fantasy island? can’t be refering to uk then…
    they don’t make em like that anymore.

  8. assidd73 says:

    fantasy island? can’t be refering to uk then…
    they don’t make em like that anymore.

  9. msc1969x says:

    abba???? chorus?

  10. loopylou1974 says:

    I fancied Steve – OMFG!

  11. NorbertR33 says:

    This song was orginally the Dutch entry for the 1982 Eurovision song contest.
    The judges didn’t choose this song,but they choose the terrible song “jij en ik” song by Bill van Dijk,instead.

    Bill van Dijk ended on the last place during the songcontest and this song became a worldwide hit !

  12. limehurst08 says:

    it would be a fantasy island stuck on it with those 2 birds!

  13. philofdarwen says:

    i love being sad and hey,searching for this on youtube just proved it

  14. djbethell says:

    @mick818522 Best comment I think I’ve ever heard. Made my day!

  15. jason241972 says:

    ive heard they are not his vocals at all ! hes was just a model miming to another guys voice

  16. richardsonjames1971 says:

    Camp as camp can be! lol .

  17. DavidJHarrisonEssex says:

    I was 13 when they had their 1st uk hit ‘Back 2 the 60s’ (uk #4 18th-July-81)Steve Grant (born Stephen Robert Grant, 26 February 1960) – lead vocalist. Please note it has wrongly been stated that Steve Grant died in 1990, whereas from approximately 1990-1999 he appeared in Miss Saigon at the Theatre Royal Dury Lane, London. Since 1999 he lives partly in London and partly in Southern Spain. Denise Gyngell (born 30 August 1961) – later married Pete Waterman Julie Harris (born 15 August 1958)

  18. faricallas says:

    Recuerda a la música de Abba, incluso las voces de las dos chicas juntas. Es una canción muy bonita.

  19. acesigma06 says:

    brilliant song, love to listien to it, again and again and wish itunes would release it

  20. acesigma06 says:

    @degooser2000 actually they did in the songs, yes steve grant was a model but was also a singer as were Denise Gyngall and Julie Harris, all 3 also tried solo careers

  21. RobbieMexico1981 says:

    This is a cover from “Fantasie Eiland” from Dutch band “Millionaires”. I don’t know which one is the best version, ’cause both of them are gorgeous!!!!

  22. judithps1 says:

    OMG ! I loved this song back in the 80′s, happy memories !

  23. TheNouveauxdecadence says:


    He is SO hot!

  24. CampervanFanDan says:

    Ah this has just put such a big smile on my face! Thanks :D

  25. MrSpunkbubble says:

    @RayRoark2009 Well this song reminds me of 1980′s private parties where if you had kids you could bring them; screeming 3-10 years olds running around and making a racket and knocking everyones drink over.

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