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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods on the Mike Douglas show at the age of two with Bob Hope
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25 Responses to “Tiger Woods”

  1. cochranexyz says:

    He got a lot of pussy, that kid. Cost him a bit through.

  2. hovhifha says:

    cute cute cute cute……he looks more indian than black then…i know he is mixed a lot
    just sayin

  3. KieraArleenza807 says:

    erm i can bend to your needs, just talk to me and tell me what you want

  4. 94knicks says:

    all yall acting hes god and doesnt make mistakes…he plays golf get out his personal life. i wanna see one of yall break the records he has broken

  5. PandaOfPuppets says:

    so he took on another pussy, so what? you guys are all assholes.

  6. T33chuLess0n says:

    I’m going to be a whore monger when I grow up to.

  7. mongrelseason says:

    great swing.. but a fucking chump!!! needs a good fucking slap!!!

  8. justingrady24 says:

    better looking swing than most adults at age 2 LOL

  9. Planetoxo says:

    He’s never changed.

  10. crj19851985 says:

    its sad all that talent and a european model literally beat it out of him lmao

  11. armandx10 says:

    That’s Tiger? He didn’t seem like a prick when he was two.

  12. CranialKev says:

    @N00bZsT4R It’s hard to tell the sex of a monkey

  13. GunShineState123 says:

    I bet he had 14 two year olds then to.

  14. lolraxjimmy says:


    No I think he said “how old is uh” while talking to Earl, then hesitated and decided to ask Tiger directly instead. Nobody has the full version where Bob Hope says “the kid is a dope fiend” in what most feel was a racist tone.

  15. Marvcohen says:

    Wow he still looks the same now

  16. N00bZsT4R says:

    Did that guy just say “How old is it ?”

  17. jcakblue says:

    Lots of jealous golfer-wannabes on here.. ;) Don’t hate him cuz you AINT him!

  18. Xuzial says:

    141 mistresses.

  19. beaugarsNYC says:

    Wow, he still talks the same!

  20. bigsleep32 says:

    What ever happened to this kid? Probably peaked too early and is an accountant or something.

  21. soundclik43030 says:

    Here’s the video of his hypnotist/handler…oops I mean “therapist” discussing Tiger.


    Tiger here at admits he doesn’t remember making his golf shot, only remembering he was there on the green….very interesting you are making history in golf YET you dont remember making the shot at all? You have to be told you made the shot or you have to watch it on TV to see it? hmmmm…

  22. soundclik43030 says:

    here’s the video I hate EARl for what he’s done.


  23. soundclik43030 says:

    When asked what he would do if he was not playing golf. Tiger responded….I’d like to work with children. that’s my second love after Golf. I bet if left alone, Tiger would have done something relating to the development of children. However we will never know. Earl Woods had this boy subjugated to Drill Sargeants, military exercises that GALVANIZING HIS MIND. Had Tiger listen to subliminal tapes and what you don’t know: exposing Tiger Woods to Porn at a very early age.

  24. soundclik43030 says:

    @McKee2587 He’s not a man-whore….He’s a programmed bot. See Bob Hope there? Well Bob HOpe is a known MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMER…Earl woods? oh that’s his FATHER….I HATE THIS MAN NOW THAT I KNOW WHAT HE HAD TIGER GO THRU…..EARl is an ex-Green Beret that worked closely with people who knew how to manipulate the mind. Since he loved Golf and since he wanted to live vicariously through his son, why not make it a guarantee by programming the boy since age 9 months to love what he loved.

  25. doctornoooo says:

    thats what you get with a stage door dad: turned the boy into a very cute
    Frankenstein monster and now he’s even complete with the village after him with their pitchforks the only question is will there be a sequel now that we have seen the monster burn in the e3xplosion or is he really truly and really truly you know really truly done

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