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Tic Tac Dough, pt. 1

John Welsh continues his reign as champion against Karen Bessellieu.
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12 Responses to “Tic Tac Dough, pt. 1”

  1. WheelWatcher12345 says:

    I swear, they could win a TRUCKLOAD of money on Tic Tac Dough!

  2. DrFubarProzak says:

    Please bring back Tic Tac Dough

  3. CadillacL says:

    One of the great game shows of all-time!

  4. 001GenLee says:

    I like this show too and wish Game Show network would bring it back. I’d rather watch this than Deal or No Deal ALL of the time it seems. :( I like Howie and that show, but gee, it seems like they show it too too much lately. Bring back Tic Tac Dough please! I like that Mystery-sounding music when they’re having to think about an answer…pretty cool. :) I wonder if that man still has the 60+ grand today? LOL I highly doubt it!

  5. gregersj says:

    @morgan8757 I noticed that also

  6. dougbarrett619 says:

    i miss this gameshow thanks for putting it up

  7. morgan8757 says:

    I think john wore the same suit on every show he was on when he was on in 1980

  8. Hawqis1 says:

    I love how fast the chase lights are. When Charlie O’ Donnell became announcer, I wonder why they slowed the chase lights.

  9. campsports3 says:

    it is..but im sayin him and charlie o donnell was better than jay stewart

  10. BenJabituya says:

    campsports3, that should be Bob Hilton.

  11. SuperGamer7 says:

    Wink has a way with (cheesy) puns, didn’t he?

  12. campsports3 says:

    Bob Hitlon to me was the better announcer than Jay Stewart

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