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25 Responses to “thundercats”

  1. trelohimas says:

    thundercats rocks!!!!!!!!

  2. yayimermaid says:

    Let me get this straight:
    Iron Man?
    Dragon Ball?
    The Last Airbender (Avatar)?
    Fantastic Four?

    ………and STILL no Thundercats movie? Really?
    (thumbs up if you agree)

  3. ykepongoaki says:

    that remind’s me my childhood… Excellent cartoons!!

  4. Zetacruis says:

    @silverfeather101 Now a 144 people is dont have a childhood.. xD

  5. josuerodriguez1981 says:

    do remember it, I was only 4

  6. NYCsPLAYA says:

    I remember watching this when I was 3 LOL

  7. TranceAnton says:


  8. UNIQUEmuzicStyle says:

    mis cartoons favoritas cuando yo era una little chavalita:)

  9. dinoscanperro says:

    this series can be in a ps3 games please fans do complain
    but not of one of that games of fight, i wolud like a thundercats game loke a dofferent mode like grand theff auto

  10. denislenhardt says:

    unfortunately we can’t see more epic openings with guitars anymore

  11. billyk5775 says:

    @Paracelsus72 VERY epic!

  12. ihavenokegson says:

    “The Thundercats are Moose!”

  13. christianvega12341 says:

    @raulventura25 si mano, dan ganas de vivir la infancia de nuevo jajajajajaja

  14. clemerk2011 says:

    Que muñecos mas bueno me facinan

  15. Ioganstone says:


  16. mandrakeczm says:

    Estan eran series No las mamadas de aurita…. pondria cuales son pero me faltaria espacio

  17. redi23 says:

    jejejejejej wow el gatico e que me cura que habla y todo ,,,,thundercats

  18. raulventura25 says:

    Quien conociento esto, no se le eripsa la piel, que tiempos…..

  19. motherflange says:

    Flippin heck, that Hordak fella was a cranky so-and-so on 1:00. He needs a hot bubble bath or a wank.

  20. Paracelsus72 says:

    @billyk5775 I totally agree. It’s just epic!

  21. stormtrooper86 says:

    gotta love being a 90′s kid, this shit is gay :P

  22. whacked17 says:


  23. 85ihateposeurs says:

    I just bought season 1 volume 1 on DVD. I’m on episode 11 so far and I like the show but if I were to buy the other seasons the show would definitely have to change. Without spoiling anything could someone tell me the story gets deeper in later seasons?

  24. S6XTY9INE says:

    143 people love me.

  25. dizy91 says:

    man if they ever made some sort of mixture of dragon ball z and thundercats that would be soooo wet xD

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