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Thunderbirds TV Show Intro

Visit to purchase the whole set on DVD in the USA. An intro for the classic tv show “Thunderbirds”.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Thunderbirds TV Show Intro”

  1. daftyblondie3 says:

    eeeeee, I love it!

    waaay better than the film,

    I used to watch this on saturday mornings, omg, this was the highlight of my life!

  2. twilightersedward2 says:

    British shows are the king and queen of shows!!! Better than amercas

  3. bigbartbass says:

    Love this show! Was my favorite when I was six!

  4. macronencer says:


    No wonder I grew up loving explosions…

  5. scotpens says:

    @MrDeepdale I’m 56 and I still have a crush on Lady Penelope. She was one cool babe, for a puppet.

  6. niunomen says:

    Que wenaa!! que recuerdos me trae, su musica es inolvidable

  7. pbanta62 says:

    Shock and Thunderbirds!

  8. CaptainNomura says:

    Actually they were named after the 5 of the original 7 NASA Mercury astronauts.
    The show was great for the kids in my generation when they aired during the 1960s, it inspired me to be an aviation engineer. Too bad thaqt they don’t have anything like that anymore.

  9. thedarklex96 says:


  10. riguy39 says:

    Did anyone notice the Tracy Boys were named After Gemini/Apollo Astronauts? it took me 20 years to notice that
    BTW Jonathan Frakes should have been shot for that crime against the sences he called “Thunderbirds” Movie

  11. NottinghamForest22 says:

    @alphaaquarii lol I don’t know about that, but thunderbirds was beyond awesome

  12. alphaaquarii says:

    In my opinion, these are the main contributions from U.K. to the world:

    1.- William Shakespeare.
    2.- Isaac Newton.
    3.- Gustav Holst.
    4.- The thunderbirds! (Gerry Anderson).

  13. Snegenad1 says:


  14. Sorcoral says:

    as a kid this show always creeped the hell out of me, it’s good to know 15 years later it still does.

  15. MrDeepdale says:

    @zxpalpha Im 45 and I still belive I’m Scott Tracy

  16. josiewarman says:

    @zxpalpha wwat

  17. zxpalpha says:

    why watch it

  18. leftbrainent says:


  19. dazz7400 says:

    If i was a Thunderbird, It wouldn’t be a cigarette holder Lady Penelope would be clutching..

  20. zxpalpha says:

    im 23 and i still love this program :D

  21. Spagettieater9000 says:

    I fucking loved this when I was five.
    AND I’M 14!!! XD

  22. Spagettieater9000 says:

    @cbraxxas Actually they would switch him with Alan every month.

  23. pandarsson says:

    By the way, I loved this show. It’s sad that it seems like the only people keeping puppetry alive are those who make Sesame Street. Not that I have anything against Sesame Street; it’s just that puppetry as an art seems to have died over the years. Or, at least, it’s dying.
    I miss Greek shadow puppets, too. A shamefully dying art.

  24. pandarsson says:

    @RobotwarsKing I fucking hate when my countrymen act ignorant and then whoever they’re insulting acts stupid in return. But I guess I can only speak to my fellow American citizens on our part.
    Look, others are wrong for claiming 300 million people are all equal to the stupidest among us, but could you at least TRY to be better than that? Be a dumbass amongst your friends. When you speak in public, try to sound intelligent. Or at least respectful.
    Fuck. We’ve really gone downhill in some ways.

  25. cbraxxas says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that John Tracy was the idiot son that nobody wanted around, so they stuck him up on a space station and didn’t speak to him for months on end?

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