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Thunderbirds Television Show Intro

Visit to purchase the whole set on DVD in the USA. An intro for the classic tv show “Thunderbirds”.
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25 Responses to “Thunderbirds Television Show Intro”

  1. hessdx1 says:

    Wow do they still show TV dates in roman numerals ? Very cool ! Thanks !

  2. lugiametagross162 says:

    @jackmn22 lol! how did 1-5 go?

  3. jackmn22 says:

    @lugiametagross162 Thunderbirds taught me how to count from 5 to 1… FACT

  4. Battle5tarRJC says:

    This music should be our national anthem.

  5. STP43FAN1 says:


    This intro is from “Vault Of Death.” Parker’s past as a criminal comes back to haunt him when a former cellmate escapes vowing to rob the Bank Of England and a new vault has been installed that traps an absent-minded bank employee.

  6. RealCaptainAlex says:

    @doctorwhoone cgi…i think that ruins it…you ask people what they think of when you say puppets and they would have said “thunderbirds, captain scarlet ands stingray” now it’s all cgi and has lost it’s nostalgia

  7. stone655 says:

    Who had the guts to disliked this?!?!

  8. Cubicstudios says:


  9. superspy6 says:

    My fav part as a child was with the big explosion at the end, i watched the titles for that reallly :D

  10. Hildy2E says:

    Lady Penelope: Parker!
    Parker: Yes M’Lady!

  11. Kperson123 says:


  12. bebembroo says:

    It was Thunderbirds that first inspired Matt Stone & Trey Parker to create Team America: World Police… Go figure

  13. bebembroo says:

    It was Thunderbirds that first inspired Matt Stone & Trey Parker to create Team America: World Police… Go figure

  14. binaway says:

    Apparently Barry Humphries ( aka Dame Edna Everage) did a few of the voices

  15. peko3ify says:

    I remenbered when i was a young kid I watched this prgram. Exellent!

  16. Skyzboob says:

    5 4 3 2 1… International Rescue save the world for free.

  17. droitwichblue says:

    This is true and I have rehearsed it when drunk – however i assure you this is for real. At my cremation when the coffin starts to roll I want this music played and I’ll finally get to be a Internation Rescue Thunderbird!

  18. iluvbennyboy says:

    Oh i loved this film so much. best pupet film ever!!! i’m hoping that they were pupets, correct me if im wrong :D

  19. huey141094 says:

    @AnimeRM4 They are all brothers :L

  20. pjsage921 says:

    international rescue are a real entity give them all the support you can

  21. dogleeds says:

    That would be great, BUT …I cannot believe it

  22. jameskennedy80 says:


  23. crimsure says:

    Each time i hear the count down i remember my tracy island set i got as a kid xD

  24. sensmeggingsation says:

    @sidneybarretos I’d read that Gerry Anderson wanted to include a black character in Fireball XL5 but wasn’t allowed to. Captain Scarlet had a black agent in Lietenant Green and an Oriental character in Harmony Angel

  25. AnimeRM4 says:

    Almost every character has the last name “Tracy”….

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