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Thunderbirds Megaset (Complete 12 Volume Set)

Thunderbirds Megaset (Complete 12 Volume Set)

“Filmed in VIDECOLOR [explosions, drum roll, music builds to a climax] and SUPERMARIONATION”! The opening sequence of Thunderbirds is itself a master class in Gerry Anderson’s marionette hyperbole: who else would dare to make a virtue out of the fact

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Price: $ 44.20

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  1. Jmark2001 says:

    Review by Jmark2001 for Thunderbirds Megaset (Complete 12 Volume Set)
    Imagine James Bond and Mission Impossible performed by marionettes. Throw in some eye opening and lavish (miniature 1/3 scale puppets) sets, special effects, and a “gee whiz!” attention to detail, and you begin to get an idea of why “Thunderbirds” has such a cult following. The scripts are involving and could just as easily have been performed by live actors with good results. There are enough cool gadgets in this series to please the ten year old boy in every grown up man (I suspect this series is more of a guy thing because relationships take second place to action). There is something else fascinating about this series and that is how seriously the producers, directors, designers took what was essentially a children’s puppet show and kept to such high (and unnecessary) standards. This may be partly due to producer Gerry Anderson’s frustrated desire to work as a mainstream film director/producer with live actors (he eventually got his wish years later). Seeing marionettes perform in realistic sets, with sophisticated action scripts, and good voice acting is a novel experience that appeals to everyone who has ever had a train set and tried to build a miniature town or city.
    I bought this series for my mindless summer vacation viewing and it has been great fun. The DVD transfers are very clean.
    This is great family entertainment, summer viewing, father and son get together material. Way to go, Thunderbirds!

  2. Julio Castro Karg says:

    Review by Julio Castro Karg for Thunderbirds Megaset (Complete 12 Volume Set)
    Wow!…I’ve just bought this set and I am really thrilled about it!
    I’ve just seen the first DVD and I relived my whole childhood! I remembered lots of details about these first episodes and to be able to watch them again, some 30 (or so) years later is quite an experience!!!
    As a kid I was really impressed by all the gadgets in this series: I loved the airplanes, the spaceships, the cars, the architecture. No wonder why I ended up being a car designer! I remember that all of the first ideas for futuristic automobiles that I drew as a kid had double front axles, just like Lady Penelope’s Rolls-Royce!
    It’s amazing that many of the sci-fi ideas displayed in this series still seem fresh after all these years. A lot of effort and creativity went into producing these episodes!
    If you were a fan of the Thunderbirds back in the 60′s you’ll enjoy this set! Buy it, don’t hesitate, it’s worth every single dollar!
    My only dissappointment is that this set comes in only one language: english. Back in the sixties I watched the series translated into spanish since I live and grew up in Mexico, and I miss hearing the voices that I remembered!…

  3. Lloyd says:

    Review by Lloyd for Thunderbirds Megaset (Complete 12 Volume Set)
    I can’t add to the other excellent reviews by others, but I need to comment on Amazon’s pricing of $162 which is only $18 less the Suggested Retail Price. Instead, there are other reputable places where you can buy this must-have DVD set for a more reasonable price. Costco, for instance, lists this set at $90, a far cry from Amazon’s $162.

  4. Bennet Pomerantz says:

    Review by Bennet Pomerantz for Thunderbirds Megaset (Complete 12 Volume Set)
    When you watch the Thunderbirds, you must realize this show is forty years old and still holds up. These marriottes are real looking, special effects still hold up after 40 years…and the story lines are intriging

    So forget that satire Team America and the live action version of the Thunderbirds, get this..maybe those kids who crave SF adventure can enjoy this complex story lines, rather than those show with 30 second sound bytes of action

    The Thunbderbirds (which was orginally called The international Rescue organization) is filled with great sets, characters and vehicles (as I said this was 40 years ago).These episodes still hold up. When you sound like a naysayer about these shows, THINK Classic Star Trek! It , in my opinion, still holds up just like classic Trek.

    All the episodes are here. uncut and intriging, when you want a show the whole family can enjoy, this is it–action and good story lines for the adults, special effects for the kids

    If you like this, get some of Gerry Anderson’s other TV shows on DVD… Supercar, Captain Scarlet,Stingray, Joe 90, Space 1999 (yes the Martin Landau/Barbara Bain space opera), The protectors (with Robert Vaughn) and a weaker effort Secret Service. for US audiences, remember buy region one.

    For puppets , these shows had complex stories and over the top characters..worth you time to get and enjoy

    Bennet Pomerantz AUDIOWORLD

  5. Wesley K. Sasano says:

    Review by Wesley K. Sasano for Thunderbirds Megaset (Complete 12 Volume Set)
    Thunderbirds are Go!!And so is this Mega edition of this show!!!I’m real picky when it comes to production values, plot, plausibility, detail, etc., you get the idea. I loved this show when it aired back in the 60s and was real happy to see it finally released it on DVD, when I first saw the singles and smaller DVD sets on the store shelves. But when I saw this MEGA-Set, I leaped at the chance to get ALL the episodes of this incredible show.The series takes place in the future and granted much of the high techy-ness on the show is laughable (they still use reel to reel audio tape to record their transmissions), but its great nonetheless. The producers of this series took their work seriously and it shows in each and every episode.There are obviously holes in much of the story-line and technical plausibility aspects of the show (Why does The Hood only want to take pictures of Internation Rescue’s equipment? Wouldn’t detailed diagrams and plans for building the stuff be much better?), but I consider the painstaking detail taken in the model construction, set design, SPXs and puppetry to be top notch, even in our Star Wars era of technology.As I watch each episodes now, I’m surprised at some of the relationships I never noticed as a kid (Do you know who Tin Tin’s uncle is?)and I find myself at the edge of my seat in suspense as I watch some of the shows. (Will The Thunderbirds rescue Alan Tracy before the bomb goes off, or worse, before he falls off the bridge from heat exhaustion?!?!)I’m just a old kid at heart and watching this series again makes we remember when I first began to love Sci-Fi.I highly reccommend this for the kids(You may even want to let your children watch the DVDs!).

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