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Thunderbirds freakin motivated

Motivated video of thunderbirds
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Thunderbirds freakin motivated”

  1. CelticSouthland says:

    The Thunderbirds make everyone else look like armatures!

  2. iwannabepilot1 says:

    1:07 is the best

  3. Jimb0tr0n says:

    @TheSelnes Hahaha, this comment made my day!

  4. GraveDiggaGSXR1000 says:

    These pilots are awesome . Nobody can talk shit about these guys . These guys can barely walk because of their GIANT balls !!!!

  5. The99220 says:

    thats frekin beast

  6. riftrecorded says:

    1:50 the guy who plays jordans brother in scrubs? :O

  7. xREDGHOSTRIDERx says:

    WTF @ 1:52, was dude not buckled in all the way or what?

  8. MrMarkloveland says:

    Regardless what Demo team you are favor, it takes a big set of brass balls to do what they do.

  9. ThisGuyOnLive says:

    1:25 Shit, my keys fell out of my pocket.

  10. Fangsout1 says:

    @rm4380. Naval Aviation is the standard by which all others are measured.

  11. gumbysheetz says:

    pretty cool, Brandon Fraser at 1:50

  12. joodmcg says:

    @11Sparky111 condom lol

  13. therealnovablaster says:


  14. deepwater1974 says:

    There were a lot of shots of downtown Chicago in this. I saw the Sears Tower twice and the Handcock Building atleast 4 times if not more.

  15. AltAirPilot517 says:

    this is one of those videos that just keep giving me motivation everytime I see it

  16. TheSelnes says:

    @jonesy97 haha! an american gay sailor :D

  17. jonesy97 says:

    @TheSelnes Yeah. A gay Navy Blue Angel lover.

  18. r1cw says:

    Look at the canopy to wing clearance at 1:04!!! Bad ass.

  19. 11Sparky111 says:

    What fell of his helmet at 1.22 ?

  20. TheSelnes says:

    the person who press dislike on this video has to be a gay environmentalist!

  21. USMC177597 says:

    I live at Nellis airbase were these guy are based got to see them and meet them at aviation nation

  22. bigtopbollocks says:

    Gee these days you would probably get claped in jail for going between two towers like that! Particularly as the last two arseholes did not understand the concept of between! pretty old footage. I would be sweating my balls off that close in formation. it be full ac and 100% oxygen.

  23. Rotneybot says:

    Yesterday at the Arizona Rattlers Game, I actually met 5 Thunderbird Pilots! I took their picture with them, and talked to them a little bit. I enjoyed it! Go Thunderbirds!

  24. softilol says:

    stop war start selling low level flights with those jets for enertaining :) 2000dollars for 15 min :) pure mind orgasm i tell you :)

  25. Sahllem says:

    Thise guys are Elite of Elite

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