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Thunderbirds ar go

Tv call for Thunderbird series

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25 Responses to “Thunderbirds ar go”

  1. friends09ism says:

    i swear the was an episode where there was a thunderbird 6

  2. rayleon1966 says:

    I’m 43 and still watch Thunderbirds.

  3. JONNOG88 says:

    Humanities Greatest Achievement.
    Not that, I am one to over-exaggerate : )

  4. abes10 says:

    @ACtheLegend well when you put it that way, yes it IS a big deal… but what i meant by that was that they didn’t do anything wrong by doing it…

  5. ACtheLegend says:

    @abes10 Well, not really because you said “i know thunderbirds came first but its no big deal”. If it weren’t for Thunderbirds, Team America wouldn’t exist, so it kinda IS a big deal.

  6. abes10 says:

    @ACtheLegend which proves my point further… who cares. it was awesome haha

  7. ACtheLegend says:

    @abes10 Trey Parker and Matt Stone have mentioned on numerous occasions that Thunderbirds was the inspiration for the style of Team America, so they did in fact specifically acknowledge that they were copying the T’birds on purpose.

  8. abes10 says:

    @ACtheLegend team america was genius… there was no hidden win at all what so ever… if anything, the win punched you in the face.. who cares if they used marionettes like thunderbirds? are we going to start accusing cartoons of copying other cartoons because they’re cartoons? or anime shows copying other anime shows because they use the same type of art? no. the only reason no shows really uses marionettes because its a lot of fucking work i know thunderbirds came first but its no big deal.

  9. ACtheLegend says:

    @SSPoseidon846 Not really, no. Thunderbirds = WIN. Team America = Guys from South Park copying Thunderbirds and adding more swearing = FAIL. Still, it made America looks bad, so potential hidden WIN in there somewhere.

  10. ACtheLegend says:

    @4x4WHEELDRIVE Hiram K. Hackenbaker is an alias, it’s not his real name. His real name is unknown.

  11. masenko2006 says:

    @ab40 most epic EVER!!!

  12. BootPatrol says:

    @4demolition From what I can recall, John and Alan would switch off every month, with one working the space station and one operating Thunderbird 3.

    Yes, we would be much safer with International Rescue on the job, and I say that as a loyal Thunderbirds fan.


  13. HolyEmpire1 says:

    16? I’m 21 I still think this show is the best kids TV show ever. And that movie remake with the kids? Total tosh, the 2 original movies are still amazing to this day!

  14. marnhull2 says:

    Screw modern kids TV, I’m 16 and I still love this!

    Also its funny when a building falls down and you can tell that its a cereal packet or something. :)

  15. 12hockeyer says:

    THUNDERBIRDS einfach super

  16. drob281159 says:

    The fingering of the violins part starting at 0:38 must be quite bitchy…

  17. rickypierocks says:

    im 18 and i still watch Thunderbirds

  18. helstontvx says:

    That Brains was a hard worker…made all those ace machines…imagine the ballache making Tracy island and keeping it secret…apparently it was built by Prisoners of war who were then machine gunned and encased in the concrete base of the Thunderbird 2 launch pad….that family…hard cold people.

  19. gmcclelland007 says:

    @HighlyVisibleNinja One for space, one for randomly flying around the globe but never entering orbit? Doesn’t matter thunderbird 2 was the best.

  20. nogardzero says:

    27 dumbs didnĀ“t have childhold..
    27 incautos no tuvieron infancia

  21. HighlyVisibleNinja says:

    I’ve always wondered why they had 2 Rockets………..

  22. knaphilllee says:

    Hey – they should re-play thundegbirds on ITV or BBC – come on guys get this classic back on air!

  23. midmodgal says:

    I had a crush on Virgil….

  24. BeyondLame says:

    so this was basically team america in the 60s

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