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Three’s Company – Xena video

Xena/Gab/Ares (sort of) bitexty video to the “Three’s Business” theme song. Clips from Old Ares Had a Farm. Just a goofy vid I created for the heck of it.

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25 Responses to “Three’s Company – Xena video”

  1. aoxelfrieda says:

    @aoxelfrieda Right next to the video title there’s a description that says that it’s a Xena video, but I guess that’s too difficult to read, so I’ll put it right there in the title. Problem solved.

  2. joe14636 says:

    @aoxelfrieda Clearly labeled?

    Umm, the title reads: “Three’s Company”, not “Three’s Company: Xena Remix”.

    Try properly labeling it next time.

  3. aoxelfrieda says:

    @joe14636 It took me about 5 minutes using Google, there are episodes on Dailymotion. It helps if you don’t waste time clicking on videos that are clearly labeled as something else.

  4. joe14636 says:

    Why is it so hard to find the original theme with the original song and video?

    I hate this shit.

  5. electrictroy2010 says:

    @aviona123 I always thought of Xena as a comedy. There was no way to take it seriously (although the last season was pretty dark and serious)

  6. aoxelfrieda says:

    Chicks that kick ass! :)

  7. aoxelfrieda says:

    @GAYFEVER100 Thanks :)

  8. GAYFEVER100 says:

    Awesome :)

  9. aviona123 says:

    Lol wats this show about

  10. cullen823 says:

    What happened to this show it was so good!

  11. Joemamma69000 says:

    Thumbs up if That ’70s Show brought you here.

  12. SnIcKeRs8642 says:

    that 70′s show brought me here -_- lol!

  13. VG052292 says:

    could u make a vid featuring clips of three’s company. with the theme.

  14. thetylife says:

    very nice…not a Xena fan at all but love me some Three’s Company

  15. 024lizardking says:

    i would fuck the shit out of xena n gab…..the shit out of em

  16. aoxelfrieda says:

    @TheWolfestein Thanks :)

  17. TheWolfestein says:


  18. yosoyconsuela says:

    @tiberias111 Lol. That dog is anachronistic. It’s an Australian Shepherd, a breed which didn’t exist until the 19th century.

  19. werwr4 says:

    @diamondcalifornia why th hell was zena in this O.o lol..

  20. dancer4life785 says:

    thumbs up if your here because of full house. ;)

  21. net4th says:

    i love love love love love love love this show! :D DDDD :) ))))) :D DDDD :) ))))) :D DDDDDD :) )))))))) XDDDDDD :P PPPPP :P PPPPP XDDDDDD :P PP :IIIIIII

  22. Queenofawesome25 says:

    Lmao! :)

  23. tiberias111 says:

    Ok what the fuck is up with the dog

  24. ghostoo666 says:

    come and knock on our door!

  25. THEvolejbalistka says:

    what´s the episode from 0:52 to 0:54 i need now
    please in numbers

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