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Three’s Company (Jacket and Janet) Movie Trailer

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING so in this larry is peter van horn (incase anyone didn’t get that)
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25 Responses to “Three’s Company (Jacket and Janet) Movie Trailer”

  1. MissCleo32 says:

    this would make an amazing movie <3

  2. kingofladies04 says:

    @ClassicTVful Me three

  3. ClassicTVful says:

    @SomeYTchannel I agree. I never did like Vicky. Jack and Janet should have been together.

  4. savinggraceklp says:

    @tigerwoman I don’t HAVE it, but it IS going to be on “AntennaTV” tonight. Antenna TV is a digital channel, doesn’t matter if you have cable or not. It’s playing at 8:30 PM EST today (Nov 2 , 2011) and 12:30 AM EST (midnight). Google it to find your station.

  5. savinggraceklp says:

    @RockingRockstar4Ever Thank you so much!

  6. kenyat98 says:

    First off, this is great! I’d like to make some of these myself- how exactly did you go about putting this together? Did you get permission from the ‘owner’ of the Three’s Company clips? Any help and/or advice would be greatly apreiciated. Thank you in advance :)

  7. SMPfanfiction says:

    I love that so much! Wow.Good job!

  8. GravyLump2011 says:

    Since John Ritter was a fag he didn’t want to wind up with Janet. He wound up with mr. Roper.

  9. RockingRockstar4Ever says:

    @savinggraceklp and baby makes two

  10. Lubbylove89 says:

    This is the cutest thing ever. Thanks for sharing.

  11. savinggraceklp says:

    Great job! I JUST started to watch 3s Company and I love it! Jack and Janet are my favorite characters. I know that they don’t really end up together :-( but I love this vid! What episode was the “Janet do you like me?…ignoring me, a friend” scene from?

  12. tigerwoman says:

    Does anybody have an episode in season 6 when Janet’s instructor harrasses her? I recall that one over 25 years ago pretty serious but couldn’t remember the ending…poor gal.

  13. babyfacedstar says:

    Shit. Now I wish this was a real movie!

  14. scg17325 says:

    That was really cool. I really enjoyed it. You are very creative. I love this show and watch almost everyday and it was cool to see something new come of something old but appreciated.

  15. SomeYTchannel says:

    @mwahija They would be banned fast Three’s company has hardcore copy-write people, look around, you can’t find whole episodes anywhere!

  16. SomeYTchannel says:

    They screwed up the end of this show should hv had them two end up together!

  17. MourProductions says:


  18. mwahija says:

    your welcome thanks

  19. videospublicados73 says:

    @mwahija thank you, I didn’t see the marathon last monday, ;( because I didn’t know it. But thanks for your answer.

  20. mwahija says:

    @videospublicados73 oh ic thnaks i know i watch it 2 in deja thye just had the merathon on monday all day and night did u see it anyway thanks 4 ur reply and ur english is gud

  21. videospublicados73 says:

    @mwahija i love this program, all days i saw it in Deja Vue, here in Quebec, but since 6 months this program is not in that chanel. How I want to have all the episodes of this excellent program…It’s prohibited this program in youtube because of the rights of author. Sorry my english is very bad. I speak spanish and a little french.

  22. mwahija says:

    i have all the sesons but i dont know how to download it can someone tell me how so i can put it for you guys thanks

  23. fracturedtime777 says:

    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    yeah yeah yeah yeah no no
    a-yeah-yeah-yeah a-yeah-yeah-yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Golden Rule…

  24. MrsRandyOrtonfan1 says:

    @MrJudithDanza1 where larry and janet kiss? Its actually from season 5.

  25. MrsRandyOrtonfan1 says:

    omg. I freaking love this. You should of made it longer lol

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