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This Is The Life – Lucy Ricardo

A fan video comprised of clips in which Lucy is becoming her usual wacky, loveable self. The song is This Is The Life by Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. I’m not a super large fan of hers, but the song fit Lucy perfectly in my opinion. Please comment!
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16 Responses to “This Is The Life – Lucy Ricardo”

  1. ramblingredrose13 says:

    @emiray hi! my nana bought me the complete series today and im so happy! i read your coment and had to tell you! lucy never gets boring! are you glad that you have them! are they really good? and is there any bloopers that goes with the complete series? and i think my mom and sister will be wanting to watch this with me. im afraid i will never get to watch it by my self! i hope you read this! TTYL.

  2. SchmancySweetie says:

    Yup this is your only good video

  3. emiray says:

    I read some of Lucy’s autobiography. My family checked it out at the library. x]

  4. schmancydarling says:

    Aw, that was definitely me last year. I still love love LOVE the show, as I have since I was a little girl, but just haven’t been able to devote as much time to it as I’d like. :) Have you read Lucy’s autobiography? You absolutely must if you haven’t. :)

  5. emiray says:

    I love Lucy! I’m fifteen years old, and I just love it! I own the DVDs, and I watch it almost every single day with my mom and sister. xD Nice tribute. :)

  6. LegallyBlonde4ever says:

    I am not a Hannah Montanna fan at all but I do think this song does work! I love Lucy, whats not to love? thats why the show is called I love Lucy!

  7. 1hannahmontana1 says:

    this is the first video i seen with a song by hannah montanai for lucy and i loved every moment of it thank you so much.

  8. lilmissaverage says:

    Hilarious!! and cute

  9. ilovelucyrox22 says:

    Truthfully, i don’t like hannah montana either, but this video is really sweet.
    I love Lucy and I’ve seen every single “I Love Lucy” and I own them on dvd. It’s amazing how the comedy hasn’t gotten old after 50 years and people are still laughing around the world at Lucy and Desi!

  10. Teytos88 says:

    great video!!!
    i love it
    to favorites!!! =)

  11. divakristina says:

    I’m not a Hannah Montana fan either, but that was a good video! You really captured Lucy and her amazing talent!

  12. Kathryn717 says:


  13. nannyprissy says:

    Awesome job! I’m with you not a big Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fan but quite a few of her songs remind me of Lucy! Bravo again!

  14. adw888 says:

    Great video!! loved the song too.

  15. randhforever13 says:

    I loved it!!!! that was amazing and it was only ur first video! it was really really good!!!

  16. galinda says:

    Amazing video. Every clip you used fit perfectly. Is there anything you cannot do? I don’t think so =)

    Lucy was one entertaining person haha

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