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This Is Coronation Street

This Is Coronation Street


First five episodes of the long running British drama series.
Genre: Television
Rating: NR
Release Date: 10-JUN-2003
Media Type: DVDA lovely introduction to a 40-plus-years-old television tradition, This Is Coronation Street includes a hi

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5 Responses to “This Is Coronation Street”

  1. F. Behrens says:

    Review by F. Behrens for This Is Coronation Street
    I think I once caught about 10 seconds of a “Coronation Street” episode on BBC America, and had I known it was the longest running TV serial in history, I would have paid closer attention. Look at the statistics. It was scheduled to run for 13 episodes in 1960 and is still going strong! In all, there have been (according to a bonus feature on my DVD copy) over 4,000 episodes, 35,000 characters, 55 marriages, 25 births, 82 deaths, 51 weddings, and 32 barmaids, all of which have been watched by 17,000,000 UK viewers. And one of the actors, William Roache, has been with the series since it began. So what is the incredible draw this show seems to exert? As one viewer said during an interview, we love to watch people who are doing the same thing we are doing in homes just like ours. (Remember how popular “The Honeymooners” was?) Now that Acorn Media (bless ‘em) has released a two-DVD set called “This Is Coronation Street” (AMP-6196), I had the chance to watch the first 5 black and white episodes and a 75 minute documentary about the history of this remarkable show. When the fifth episode ended with the police at the door and looking for one of the younger characters, I have to admit I was angry that I could not see the sixth one and after that the seventh, right up to wherever they are now. The only actress I recognized was a daughter who just left her Polish husband and announces she is pregnant, which reunites them. (Her name is Anne Cunningham and I remembered her from an old “Avengers” episode and one from “Are You Being Served?”). The rest were unknown to me, and I found this a great advantage since I was able to see them as real people and not as actors whom I recognized from other roles. First of all, I would recommend this as a Must to all sociology and British history majors since it accurately portrays life in northern England as it was in 1960 and as it changed down through the years. Obviously film and drama majors must watch to see how a writer can “get them where they live.” Psychology majors will love to see the public’s reaction to the jailing of one of the main characters. (If any of you has seen the bonus material on the 1967 “Forsyte Saga” tapes I so highly recommended a while ago, you will recall how the Brits reacted to the Rape Scene. Funny what people consider to be worth arguing about.) As for the rest of us, lovers of good soap operas will adore not only the first five episodes but also the history of this show. In short, there are very few who will not love this Acorn Media set. Perhaps they will now issue a companion set about “East Enders.”

  2. Nancy W. Donnell says:

    Review by Nancy W. Donnell for This Is Coronation Street
    I own this DVD set. Perhaps this Soap Opera is more close to real life than anything we have here in the states. One of the reasons it did make as much of a hit as it did is explained nicely on the DVD. It was with Ken fixing a bike in the living room……….being watched by a young man ……fixing a bike in the living room.

    Even to this day the people on the street are just people. Hair dressers, cab drivers, shop keepers, cafe owners and barkeeps. In fact the only *rich* person is Mike Baldwin and all he owns is a *Knicker* factory!

    I was fortunate to be living in England and seeing this program while I was there and again once I returned home on the CBC from Canada (only 6 months behind :) )on my big satillilte dish. You can still *watch* it on the computer by going to the ITV website.

    And I do. There is even a fan site that does catch up back stories and Glenda Young does not only an accurate one, but with humor.

    This set is well worth the having for any Corrie fan.

  3. Lee Simpson says:

    Review by Lee Simpson for This Is Coronation Street
    This was purchased as a gift for a true-blue fan; however, it also captured the attention of our college aged daughter. It is truly like studying a tribe that no longer exists, the working class society of the past in Britain. Very well done, not a fanzine at all, but a true study of the life and times of those who lived in Great Britain in the early ’60′s.

  4. Ann Thibault says:

    Review by Ann Thibault for This Is Coronation Street
    This is a Corrie collector’s item. The original episodes are an absolute treat for those who remember Coronation Street in its early days. The Anniversary DVD is very interesting and enjoyable and the early episodes are priceless. This is a “must have” for lovers of Coronation Steet.

  5. Sylviastel says:

    Review by Sylviastel for This Is Coronation Street
    Coronation Street was only supposed to last 13 episodes. It was never meant to last this long and maybe that’s why we’re not suprised after watching the first five episodes with Violet Carson, Doris Speed, Jack Howarth, and William Roache why it became such a British hit. When we think of British actors and actresses, we think of them as some of the finest of their trade and it’s true. In this case, Coronation Street was the brainchild product of then 23 year old Tony Warren. The show became a huge phenomenon because I think British audiences and it was verified in the documentary accompanied with the original five episodes that Brits saw a part of themselves whether the women were wearing hairnets like Ena Sharples or being prim and proper like Annie Walker. It reminded me a lot of American soaps where the beginnings were quite humble as well. Corrie fans included Lord Olivier and even the Queen of England. I wished they had aired Coronation Street on in the United States. For Tony Warren, I don’t think you can thank him enough for creating some of the most memorable characters in British television history like Ena Sharples, Hilda Ogden, Vera Duckworth, Annie Walker, etc. The show also brought honors like MBEs (Member of the Order of the British Empire) to Annie Walker in 1977, Jack Howarth in 1983, creator Tony Warren in 1994, Julie Goodyear in 1996, Elizabeth Dawn and Betty Driver in 2000, William Roache in 2001, and most recently Roy Barraclough in 2006. Violet Carson was the only recipient of a higher honor, the Officer of the Order of the British Empire, in 1965. But you wonder why Tony Warren hasn’t received knighthood because nobody else has given us a show that has lasted this long. In 2010, Coronation Street will celebrate half-century or it’s golden anniversary and it’s still going stronger than ever.

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