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They Started on Daytime TV – Julianne Moore, Steven Webber, Marisa Tomei

Academy Award nominated actress Julianne Moore appears in this clip from As The World Turns. Moore played the dual roles of Frannie Hughes and Sabrina Hughes on the drama, for which she won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1988; she played the roles from 1985 to 1988. Queens born actor, Steven Weber, appeared on As The World Turns from 1985 to 1986. His best-known role was as Brian Hackett, a skirt-chasing airplane pilot on the NBC sitcom Wings. Academy Award winning actress Marisa Tomei appears at the close of the clip. She appeared on As The World Turns from 1983 to 1987.
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25 Responses to “They Started on Daytime TV – Julianne Moore, Steven Webber, Marisa Tomei”

  1. incrediblehulkmovies says:

    @Empathywriter I think they are good actors it’s just that soaps in general are corny and cheese with the same scenario over and over again… Long lost identical twins, comas, returns from the dead and so forth.

  2. AdmansXkota says:

    Honest sexy Asian brides “”

  3. Empathywriter says:

    How is this corny? Julianne Moore and Steven Weber do an amazing job. Their story in this clip is melodramatic, but their acting is mesmerizing. They still give me chills. If they were really corny actors neither one would have ended up as well-known actors. He starred in several hit shows “Wings” and “Once and Again” and even my favorite “Studio 60″, and she is a four time Academy Award nominated actress (and probably will earn a fifth nomination for her work in “The Kids Are All Right”).

  4. MrTre5670 says:

    @avalanchesoul VERY CORNY

  5. Plasvi says:

    julianne is so pretty that it hurts….

  6. jbkaffe says:

    You guys sure this isn’t porn?

  7. MaryCyberBailey says:

    this is like, you know, pretty painful to watch

  8. nicholasjacob2002 says:

    Steven Weber is in it too WTF!!! I love soaps

  9. popaddict says:

    @avalanchesoul it has to do with the writing and directing style. Soaps play heavily on subtext and melodrama – its the nature of the scripts and the directors will usually direct actors in that style. Any actor will end up looking corny if that’s the way their performance is shaped.

  10. lingesblond says:

    @EvansSt83 They’re also starring together in a new movie called ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’ with Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. Steve gets to make out with both of them, what a lucky dude. It comes out next year in April.

  11. NeoQuello says:

    what a sucker..

  12. davejmanley says:

    My god she was pretty…still is….

  13. consularfnj says:

    one of the best actress

  14. joshjhutton says:

    Boogie Nights and boobies

  15. zetmoon says:

    She’s a wonderful actress but in this scene she’s terrible!

  16. TheWhatsinaname says:

    @Thelmacyn Yes, Webber was on ATWT from sometime in April 1985 to February 1986 as Kevin Gibson. I was watching the show during this time period.

  17. Fistwagon says:

    “Who da hell ah you?!” Haha. Julianne Moore looks as beautiful as ever she doesn’t seem to have fallen into the plastic swamp like so many others and she’s sexier at fifty than she was at twentyfive. Praise to her.

  18. Thelmacyn says:

    I’d say probably. That guy looks like Steven Webber? Was he on ATWT in the 80′s

  19. incrediblehulkmovies says:

    She reprised the role. After so many years.

  20. beelekani says:

    she is back on OLTL

  21. Aquaria says:

    I guess you don’t remember Maureen Garrett as Holly on Guiding Light, who was stunning, well into her 40s and 50s.

    Susan Sarandon? Rita Hayworth? Katherine Hepburn?

    Redheads age about as well as anyone else.

  22. leafyutube says:

    It’s good, but there should be more sex in soap operas.

  23. ankam100 says:

    what is this shit???

  24. incrediblehulkmovies says:

    According to most data bases she started doing doing television in her laste 20s. I’m guessing 27-28 here. I think she has a very youthful complextion so I would agree she naturally looks like a doll but that’s a compliment from me.

  25. jaundist says:

    Julianne moore looks like a doll in this episode, do american girls really look like dolls or was it just makeup. how old was she?

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