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These are the days of our lives.

George Micheal & Lisa Stansfield….Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.

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25 Responses to “These are the days of our lives.”

  1. 007007sss1 says:

    George Michael is a great singer and I Iove listening to him but there is only one Freddy. Rest in peace Freddy .We will always remember you.Thank you for posting this song.

  2. MrToiletclogger says:

    im wondering how long it will take before the lewd act man gets aids to hes as gay as freddy ever was a terribble waste of life freddy was luv him!!!!1he will always be !!!!!!

  3. satchfan2010 says:

    Lisa Stansfield spoils this performance for me. Her vocals sound incredibly insincere and i don’t think she was a fan of neither Fredddie nor Queen. The singer, Sam Brown would have been a much better choice. I’m quite surprised she wasn’t at least chosen as a backing singer for this concert. She would have been amazing no doubt about it.

  4. Applebaum says:

    I do not think George Michael was trying to be like Freddy on this tune, he was just singing a tribute to his friend.
    George Michael and Lisa Stansfield are just other very different great artists

  5. Eliskoopa says:

    @TheBrotherKanker you’re exaggerating

  6. MultiSilversky says:

    Freddie, I wish you all the best in the sky! You made me wonder, you made me happy! I started to dream with you and now with my band I want to go on… with the show!!! You are the greatest!!!!

  7. duderude01 says:

    This is rubbish compared to Mercury.
    I think only Freddie can pull this song off perfectly.

  8. wayne1515 says:

    roger tyalor and brian are still going after freddy is gone .

    queen new singer is not the same

  9. tdevil101 says:

    Brian’s solo is the best part of the song

  10. TheSeaPeopleandMe says:

    I have no problem with gays; but Freddie was gay… “I”m as gay as a daffodil, dear” being one of his famous quotes…

  11. willeke88 says:

    george was the best that evening!

  12. ozzian2000 says:

    She’s SO cute!

  13. kenshirothefist3000 says:

    george michael es el mejor cantante del mundo y los demas no le igualaran nunca

  14. TheBrotherKanker says:

    George Michael against Freddie is no singer! This performance is just pity.

  15. dondanzig says:

    Brian May’s guitar work is flawless… always.

  16. ArmageddonComingSoon says:

    @jahaines579 Remember GM sang this live so we can’t expect it to be as good as the original on CD

  17. TheDreamerQueen says:

    i still love you freddie.
    it’s a wonderful duett.

  18. mickey606 says:

    RIP Freddie….gosh, music isnt the same with out you…….
    This performance.. I think is outstanding, George…can kill it LIVE (and who eles can pull off a tangerine jacket and look hot?) Lisa…I could take or leave.
    They did Freddie Justice.

  19. Riverortega says:

    I apologize for the comment I made last week. The truth is they are right, everyone! I watched the tribute to Mercury and it was spectacular. I want to know to apologize for what I said.

  20. MrSpeedfightRichy says:

    I love Brian Mays Passion when he plays you can really see he is feeling hurt remembering Freddie RIP Freddie been nearly 20 years since your Passing but your Legacy is as strong as the day you started FOREVER MAY QUEEN BE REMEMBERED

  21. ArmageddonComingSoon says:

    I think George Michael is better live. But I believe Freddy had a better voice. Just my opinion

  22. putmeister says:

    he is without a doubt the best singer in the world
    i truly wish he was here today. his voice is like nothing we will ever hear again

  23. MichaelinDenmark says:

    Riverortega — You are being DISrespectful to your hero. I am sure Freddie Mercury looks down at you from somewhere and thinks: HE is NOT a REAL fan. Doesn´t he understand that this performance is a tribute to by Greatness.
    SHAME on YOU

  24. tdevil101 says:

    this song is gonna be at my funeral

  25. halfblackposition says:

    This was freddies tribute….i dont think anyone that night sung queens songs as well as freddie….but these two did alright :-)

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