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These Are the Days of Our Lives-Queen

These Are the Days of Our Lives by Queen RIP Freddie Mercury

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25 Responses to “These Are the Days of Our Lives-Queen”

  1. NaturePoole says:

    Soooo sad. The fact that he’s singing this with such peace and joy, regardless of the fact that he’s dying is what makes this so, so sad.

  2. andrewpogor says:

    Rest in Peace dear friend

  3. sega31098 says:

    He was bi.

  4. Venerio13 says:

    I still love you

  5. RhythmBulzara says:

    That last I still love you was definitly for Mary Austin.

  6. MrBigbeefers says:

    hes so thin looking and his hair looks terrible i heard he shot this a little before his death, so sad to loose such a talent.

  7. petra91216 says:

    this song and the show must go on definetly were written about him… we love you Freddie

  8. QUEEN1969USA says:

    QUEEN should be awarded a live time achievement award after all we do play “We are the Champions” before all of the sports games.

  9. Seattlecarnut says:

    @MissSleepers I so agree. He was Queen. He was my favourite part of Queen.

  10. Seattlecarnut says:

    You’d have to not like music to not like Queen.

  11. JIMNNICKY says:

    @luvhatesyndrome -sorry even HE doesn’t want Justin and those others!

  12. strocksu says:

    Damn it Freddie…I would have been fine with you being gay if you werent having butt sex and shit and then going and dying on me…

  13. carmelle127 says:

    Is there any way that us in this site and others who loves Freddie and Queen could appeal to the grammys by opening a site where people can vote or post why they think Freddie and Queen should get like a lifetime acheivement award? or something of that caliber i just think it’s way past time for something like that to happen. I know there are people who can organize this please let me know i can’t do it alone i don’t even know where to start but together anything is possible.

  14. CRBjeep says:

    @renabanena He had a range over four octaves ; ). Also, John Deacon wrote this.

  15. anniethebrat says:

    @luvhatesyndrome Your awesome!!!

  16. RealmWoW says:

    I love you Freddie, always! cant wait to see that concert in the sky my friend.

  17. koyunbaba73 says:

    There’s something about a performer who can own a stage like an emperor, who reaches towards heaven with an outstretched arm and grabs it. Some performers are exquisitely sensitive musicians who knows the minds of his fellow performers and makes them his own, who can raise his melody to a thunder or lower it to a whisper. Some can say so much just by raising an eyebrow. Only the very best can own every aspect of performing. Freddie was even better than them.

  18. Delila310 says:

    @tcbfla Wow..How powerful, I couldnt have said it any better.

  19. renabanena says:

    It makes me sad that I’ll never be able to see Freddie in concert. Screw Bieber, Cyrus, and other artists that will never write a masterpiece like this and don’t have a 3 octave range.

    R.I.P Freddie. Although you died before I was even born, I still love you <3

  20. hithr3000 says:

    nice song.

  21. cyberdragon581 says:

    this the last video Freddie Mercury made before he pass away.
    he was very sick when he made this video


  22. Yellowjjacket says:

    @a2r1v1i2s I agree, well said.:(

  23. a2r1v1i2s says:

    his death kind of symbolized a death of a genre of Rock N’ Roll. I still think this is queens most beautiful song, as I get teary eyed hearing it. especially knowing how hard it was for him at the end. RIP Freddie, and thank you for inspiring me.

  24. TwilightChica2010 says:

    were the animations supposed be there for the and i liked it :)

  25. TheMarkkal says:

    Freddie your still the man………

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