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There is Something Worse than American Soap Operas

There is Something Worse than American Soap Operas

Before we go on any further, it should be made clear that this article is a critique of art, and is not intended to be a tool for racial profiling or discrimination. Instead, this article wishes to point out places where a particular type of art can best be improved. With that said, here we go.

Let’s first discuss the primary characteristics of American Soap Operas:


Unrealistic romantic conversations – when partners are in an argument or in an unhappy conversation, one of them turns around, looks in front of the camera, and speaks his or her heart out. Meanwhile, the other one is left at the foreground, staring at the back of the former. Nothing like this happens in real life.

Set usually look like scraps of paper – because American soap operas air in daytime, ad revenues are much lower, so that they work with smaller budgets. That explains it.

A show’s story winds up ad infinitum – storylines of American Soap Operas can usually span years, as they are usually open-ended and can easily be appended or revised. Just look at Days of our Lives. The viewing public may even come to a point where they start to doubt the wisdom behind inventing of the TV to begin with.

However, there’s something worse: Philippine Soap Operas.

Philippine soap operas can be considered as one of the most “improvable” soap operas out there. These shows have adopted elements which are almost identical to American soap operas but with some extreme modifications and additions.


Utterly ridiculous endings – the typical Philippine Soap opera takes much effort to develop the story line, which can take years. However, as soon as the ratings drop, they simply kill each other off in a span of 5 episodes or one airing week. Example: Mula sa Puso (From the Heart) and Mara Clara.

Ridiculous costumes – the set design is very limited just like American soaps. However, the costumes and prosthetics are very unrealistic too. In the series entitled Familia Zaragoza, there was a lead character who had a half-burnt face who used nothing but coagulated press powder to look like she was burnt.

Out-of-this-word and oft-unoriginal storylines – most plots are ripped off from foreign-made films and TV shows. For example, Pintados (Tatooeds) has a plot that is too similar to the X-men. Encantadia, has one that is similar to Lord of the Rings. The list goes on and on.

This is the typical kind of Philippine soap opera, and it makes up more than 80 percent of what is shown there. While there are many exceptions, this is usually the case.

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