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Attributes images and music from The Time Tunnel . Portion 7 of my Spaced OutThemes collection.All images and music are the properties of the original producers and no copy wright infringement is intended.This presentation has been compiled purely for nostalgic and historical purposes.

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25 Responses to “Theme from THE TIME TUNNEL”

  1. purplerainez says:

    I was 7 when this was playing… I’m 51 now and remember it like it was yesterday
    :-) )

  2. terentii says:

    @irish89055 And the only Catwoman ever to hold a candle to Julie Newmar! :-p

  3. terentii says:

    @zorazen2 Yes, indeed. Composed by none other than the inimitable John Williams!

  4. terentii says:

    From 1962 to 1966, I lived mostly for “Combat!” every Tuesday night. Then “Batman” debuted in January 1966 … and “Time Tunnel” came on that September. As far as I’m concerned, US TV peaked between 1965 and 1967, and it’s generally been going downhill ever since.

    How I loved this show! Looking back on it, I realize now that EVERYONE spoke English (including Israelites and ancient Greeks) and D&T ALWAYS ended up in the same CLEAN clothes and NEVER EVER went to the toilet or took a bath!

  5. daveRobinsonUK1 says:

    Doug Phillips and Tony Newman Kick Ass!!!

  6. irish89055 says:

    @corr1chevy yes…… a former Miss America….

  7. kirnek says:

    Muy buena composicion de imagenes y sonido. Enhorabuena por este magnifico trabajo que me trae muy buenos recuerdos de mi infancia.

  8. corr1chevy says:

    Isn’t that lee merriwether? Man to me she was a very beautiful woman.

  9. 2001keisuke says:

    制作はアーウィンアレン ポセイドンアドベンチャーの製作者です

  10. ilovetiggeranddaisy says:

    This video has been done very well-takes me back to a time when I think Britain was better-pre PC Britain !!!

  11. norfolk611 says:

    We aren’t quite in time travel yet. But it’s amazing when you look back at when these were on and were sci-fi and some things that we have today.that were a dream at that time. An average PC today and what they can do would have occupied a whole room in the 60s.

  12. keetongeer says:

    This show was the inspiration for the posted video, “40 Years of History In 3 Minutes” which revisits events between 1969-2011 to the beat of The Beatles’ GET BACK and GLASS ONION. Enjoy.

  13. zorazen2 says:

    Taunting Tempo.
    Twisting,Turning,Twirling,Tripping in Time.
    Tremendous Terrific Tantalising Theme Tune!

  14. zorazen2 says:

    Twisting and Tripping in Time.
    Tremendous Theme Tune!

  15. Titan52berg says:

    One of the old favorites! I own the entire series on DVD! Some of the aliens and monsters kind of made the rounds between all of Irwin Allen’s shows… you would catch one of the Time Tunnel aliens a bit later in an episode of ‘Lost In Space’ or ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.’ Budgeting problems were quite obvious…as were the lack of good scripts.

  16. Capcanuk99 says:

    wonderful John Williams score for the credits.

  17. kalyfest says:

    what hollywood waiting to make a movie in 3 D of Time Tunnel ?

  18. bobjfs says:

    The father of all time travel and “tunnel” travel TV shows, I think. It gave birth to Voyagers, Quantum Leap, and Stargate.

  19. FamilyOfMan1975 says:

    @PalaniRides Irwin Allen thought it was his best series, too.
    I really loved this show but my only complaint was no matter where (when) they went they always left with the same clothes they arrived in.

  20. FamilyOfMan1975 says:

    One of my favorite shows growing up.

  21. 385homer says:

    Good News !! Time Tunnel ( Orginal ) is to be seen for FREE !!! go to . however only in the US !!! Enjoy !!

  22. BlueHeavenBound says:

    My favorite time tunnel, was when the guy wound up on the Titanic…

  23. whiskeyify says:

    I watched all the episodes online last year…this was a great action adventure show.
    unlike all the junk we have today. I find the comedy shows to be mostly boring too.



  25. showpix says:

    Yes it is available on DVD

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