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The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Montage

The Young and the Restless over the years with Mary J. Blige’s No More Drama. Thanks to the following for clips: Eden, Laurel, and Stephanie
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25 Responses to “The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Montage”

  1. kel32497 says:

    awesome video!!! i love the scenes with lauren!

  2. in10se365 says:

    @dustintimberlake It’s from 1998 when Nikki gets shot by Veronica (Nikki’s husband at the time, Joshua’s former wife) disguised as the maid who have been working at the ranch for several months. Those clips are on Youtube.


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  4. marcwj83 says:

    @iamcasihart that’s cause bill bell past away, and new writer. here’s to yesterday!

  5. iamcasihart says:

    I really miss the way that Y&R used to be! It was dramatic, romantic, exciting and there were fantastic showdowns and cat fights! Now??? I still love my Y&R, but it isn’t half the show that it used to be.

  6. onthesetflickr says:

    To see a models of the Young and the Restless sets, Google “Young and Restless ontheset” and´╗┐ hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button.

  7. travis082185 says:

    @TheKer56 my name is travis and if you wish email me at and i will give you the email address for wanda who sells/trades tons of soap opera and other tv stuff

  8. TheKer56 says:

    @travis082185 Where did you ever find them

  9. TheKer56 says:

    What year/episode/storyline is from the beach scene at 3:26????? I’ve been dying to know. Thanks!

  10. bookshika says:


  11. kdlk10 says:

    Im trying to download november 3rd 2009 for my mom but it is really frustrating me i need help does anyone know where i can download all the episodes of year 2009 if so plz tell me or reply to my comment

  12. tigresse1818 says:

    is the scene or nikki gets shot by his housekeeper

  13. toony826 says:

    if anyone had to used the y&r theme song i am glad it was mary j.

  14. dustintimberlake says:

    What scene is at 4:03. It looks a little bit like Phyllis, but im unsure.

  15. italianbabex4eva says:

    what is 4:31 ?

  16. Shasha2 says:

    When Ashley lost Robert (her son with Brad), she drove crazy like last year with Adam …

  17. katyyy4123 says:

    whats that scene at 1:12

  18. katyyy4123 says:

    i love young and the restless (my parents got me hooked) and i love this song

  19. BrucasBangelBrylan says:

    Nice work!!! Victor and Jack’s fights are classic, epic!!! Victor and Nicky THE couple of Y&R. The greatest soap still on air, amazing<3

  20. lakesidepark2112 says:

    Nice work!

  21. amanda008 says:

    great montage! Brings me back to when I watched the show as a child :D
    LOVE the knockouts haha

  22. brandon87007 says:

    I LOVE THE Y&R!! It is the best show ever, i wouldn’t even call it a soap because the soaps out there can’t even compare to how good Y&R is

  23. glittergirl081306 says:

    i’ve probably commented on this a good 3-4 times .. but every time i watch this, i just cant get over how amazing it is!
    you should make another one with new clips from the past 3 years!
    not that there are many ones you can use, but there have been a few good moments!
    again, for the fifth time, amazing video!!

  24. rachele1968 says:

    why dont they have more cat fights in this show?? those are so hot and entertaining! and i think we are all over due for a cat fight!!

  25. lululemonlovely says:

    king and queen of genoa city forever!

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