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The Young and the Restless soundtrack – 34 – Lost (Lengthy)

Emmy Award winning, The Young and the Restless debuted in 1973. The storyline focuses on elegance, wealth, and massive enterprise. Residing in Genoa City, the players are the Abbotts, Chancellors and the Newmans! From the 1998 original soundtrack. Composer: Perry Botkin, Jr 34. Theme from the Young and the Restless (‘Lost’) [Lengthy Version]
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25 Responses to “The Young and the Restless soundtrack – 34 – Lost (Lengthy)”

  1. LadyMoondancer says:

    it was called Nadia’s Theme because gymnast Nadia Comenci used it for her routine, – she was the one in the 70′s who scored a perfect 10 for her routine.

  2. sevenseasdoc1963 says:

    It’s alternate title was “Nadia’s Theme”…

  3. DFoxHope says:

    This is a True Masterpiece indeed-Just close your eyes, and imagine things…really a wonderful way to relax and meditate also!
    And it sort of says..Life Love Loss, Truth Harmony Peace & ♥

  4. mdwlcx says:


  5. SharonTateFan4ever says:


  6. jwjones967 says:

    Formerly know as the closing theme to Y&R when it had one. I loved when the played this one over the long credit crawls at the end. It always gave the full version.

  7. sexydude2020 says:

    In romania today was on air episode 4075… it’s my “calm-down” tv show…

  8. swhiteart says:

    Loved this soap as a kid and I’m glad it is still on the air. I’m sorely missing ATWT and GL.

  9. Hazl1782 says:

    When I was a kid, this was my fav soap…use to love half days so I could come home and watch it..the theme song is amazing!

  10. IncHulkLover says:

    I was born late in ’73. My heavens! Who’d have thought this soap would be introduced around the time I was born! My mom loved this soap. RIP, mom. I’ll always love — and miss — you! (1935 – 2002)

  11. drew1650 says:

    @erimelonkabob Amen!!!!!!!!!

  12. goodkarma33 says:

    1972 Olympics, Nadia Comenache took the gold medal in gymnastics.

  13. roryfitzpatric says:

    brings back memories of three years ago when my mom watched this show, fuck i dont know why i stopped watching this.

  14. rexrockandroll says:


  15. WyldePhoxProductions says:

    I don’t even watch The Young and the Restless, but damn this theme song is pure greatness.

  16. erimelonkabob says:

    best theme song ever, i love yr hope it still runs when i’m an adult….yes im a kid (13) and i’d rather watch y&r instead of wizards of wavorly place and suite life on deck ;)

  17. TimsDale4ever says:

    @dean0232 Thank you for that — I’ve always thought the same thing. I feel him everytime I hear the closing theme from ANOTHER WORLD (1975-81), LOVE OF LIFE (1977-80), and DAYS (1993-present). Type in the search field “AW ep4361″, and then “Days closing Oct 2001″. Listen to both and see for yourself — absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful closing from LOL is not on youtube anywhere — but I keep hoping…

  18. yanners1976 says:

    i want this song played at the end of my funeral when the time comes…

  19. bluepaperback says:

    brings back wonderful y&r childhood memories

  20. barantje2005 says:

    Close your eye’s and think at all the good things in your live ….beatiful

  21. TheJavierm7 says:

    Jovenes e inquietos. “Los amantes deben aprender”

  22. airbus320dfw says:

    @SinSityLuv best daytime drama..

  23. Eugealrules says:

    @xkyledubx well my Grand Aunt still watches that show even As The World Turns
    makes u wanna go to sleep because the theme song would put you to sleep if the theme song get up and get the hell up outta there and i still got that As The World Turns theme song stuck in my head.

  24. xkyledubx says:

    @Eugealrules yep

  25. lizardof78 says:


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