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The X-Files Trailer

The X-Files Trailer

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25 Responses to “The X-Files Trailer”

  1. MrNorwaywtf says:

    ir it like aliens or ghost or what is the monster like thing?

  2. Scallopshell98 says:

    @wakeup528491 Whose to say they wont make a third? Ive heard that both David and Gillian are into the idea. I’m fairly optimistic it can happen. (Unlike being a freaking redsox fan! >:-/ )

  3. wakeup528491 says:

    One of the best movies of all time, even as a stand-alone film if you haven’t watched the show

  4. wakeup528491 says:

    @Scallopshell98 yeah, i agree. and now because it bombed at the box office they won’t make the final film to fully end the show. Now that’s typical hollywood

  5. 310sucks says:

    If they had ended the show after this movie came out the series would have become legendary, instead they had to whip it like a dying horse until everyone just stopped caring. Typical fucked-up Hollywood.

  6. Scallopshell98 says:

    I still cant believe that they did a freaking stand alone with the second movie

  7. luckyshiningstar101 says:

    You should see the bloopers! Sculley is so dirty!

  8. BrickYorkMan says:

    @runelap (=J

  9. runelap says:

    @BrickYorkMan i have :) it was good! >:)

  10. MrXTGZX says:

    fuck , the x files theme scared the fuck outta me ;)

  11. StudioWindUps says:

    Thumbs up if you brought here by munch and uturok007

  12. BrickYorkMan says:

    @ASDFst It’s good but…

  13. ASDFst says:

    @BrickYorkMan yes, best fucking movie ever

  14. BrickYorkMan says:

    Anybody seen Mars attack?

  15. takatoekoe says:

    i believe in aliens

  16. sppoky says:

    I want to believe that the person who disliked this, did because he wasn’t able to see the movie in the theaters because all tickets were sould out!

  17. hey134 says:

    @IceGuyProd Well it would make more sense because then when the world doesnt end, because it wont, they can make the movie and the plot would make it seem like we didnt die because Maulder stopped it, because honestly, how else would they plan to end it?

  18. hey134 says:

    I actually hope they make a third one because it would resolve everything left open at the end of the tv shows run.

  19. russianroulettepro says:

    They SHOULD NOT make an X-Files 3. X-Files 2 SUCKED.
    I could get real into this and convert you all. Well, only if you’re a TRUE X-Phile.

  20. SPNchick says:

    DAMN I bet all the movie theaters were packed when The X Files hit the big screen. If any youtubers saw it when it first came out in theaters comment me back and tell me if they were packed or not.

  21. scottishthunder47 says:

    Face it, guys, they’re not making another movie. The last one tanked and sank the franchise with its sheer crapiness. The first one was great, but too much time has passed. They’re not going to make another one now. We got about 6 great seasons and a feature film out of it. I’d rather remember it that way.

  22. DBfan12 says:

    Thumbs up if you think the x files theme is
    scary,but a little exiting at the same time.

  23. IceGuyProd says:

    @carruthers1985 Which means it will get released in 2013 or 2014, which is lame. They missed a great opportunity not releasing it in 2012 or before.

  24. carruthers1985 says:

    @IceGuyProd DEC 2012 is when they plan on shooting it they are looking to get the backing from a studio

  25. IceGuyProd says:

    @carruthers1985 Shouldn’t they have started making it by now? Anyway the X-line storyline is related to 2012, it’s the perfect opportunity to make the final movie. If they don’t release one before then, I say don’t release one at all.

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