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The X Files: Season 8 Finale | Epic Scene.

READ ALL DESCRIPTION/EXPLANATION: For those of you who do not know about The X Files – This scene is so powerful in it’s tiniest form. Scully… was abducted about 6 years before this very scene and because of that she was left barren, but did not find out until she was diagnosed with cancer 2-3 years later. – Mulder ended up finding her ova while she had cancer, but did not want to tell her about their invalidity while she was sick. But, in season 7 the truth was revealed to her. & she took the ova to another doctor for a second opinion and he told her she could try IVF (in vitro fertilization), she just needed a donor. She asked Mulder to donate his sperm for the procedure. He hesitated his answer at first, with fear it would come between their strong friendship. But, he agreed cause he just wants her to be happy. Unfortunately, the IVF was a failed procedure. Although Mulder is a believer and told her to “Never give up on a miracle.” It is believed by many (us avid viewers) that after those words, the two had slept together. It was never really talked about… or shown on screen. But, all signs pointed in that direction by the time she was pregnant in the season 7 finale. I hope that made more people appreciate the intense power of this little scene. & to add to it’s epicness I added some past and future scenes from the series to help bring MORE meaning to what they are actually talking about to one another. Because, they may not be saying it in SO MANY words, but that
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25 Responses to “The X Files: Season 8 Finale | Epic Scene.”

  1. AugustineEmmeline says:

    @SexyCheeseNipNinja Thanks. I actually remembered after I posted the comment, but I never came back to delete it! I got too caught up in watching X-Files clips. :P Thanks anyway though!

  2. SexyCheeseNipNinja says:

    @AugustineEmmeline That would be season 7 episode “all things”.

  3. AugustineEmmeline says:

    I love this show, but I don’t think I’ve even seen half the series. Anyway, I’m saying that as a disclaimer because what I need to ask makes me sound really ignorant about the show, and I am a fan. What was the episode where I think at the beginning we see Mulder sleeping in bed and then it pans to Scully getting dressed in the early morning in the same room? Isn’t that the episode where most fans believed they had actually slept together? I don’t think I’m making up this scene.

  4. AugustineEmmeline says:

    That. Was. Such. A. Good. Video. So emotional, so well put together. Great music. And I was so excited to see the kiss at the end! I can’t find it anywhere else on youtube….

  5. Dorotii3107 says:

    Just amazing, wonderful, beautiful!!!!!!!!! I can’t find the words!!!!!
    Great job:)

  6. KiyokoKiyoko says:

    omg my heart is beating sooooo fast *cryyyy* i love this vid

  7. pipermaru2006 says:

    all i know is that they’d better be doing a follow up movie where they find william and reunite AND actually do a decent job at the MS relationship in that one! The XFIWTB was too choppy…badly written and didn’t capture the magic between them adequately… not he actor’s fault…it was there…but the script was too weak. xxx

  8. tamalou86 says:

    i keep rewatching this , you’re one of the vidders that inspired me to vid my self so thanks !!!!!

  9. LeighAnderson1013 says:

    Kill me!! *cry*
    I recognize how sad it was when I first watched this episode. It made me cry. :’(

  10. XDrSnake3Y3s says:

    @ToraGirl13 he didnt donate hissperm the fuck like rabits

  11. SweetBabyCountry says:

    Absolutely wonderful.

  12. quietfireca says:

    Brilliantly done!

  13. silboreanaz says:

    You did an AMAZING job! I love it <3

  14. IronWolfHunter says:

    @cla7ify I KNEW he was in FTF! I told my sister that he looked familiar from the movie and she’s like “Nope, that’s not him.” And I KNEW it! He survived from the explosion in Dallas??? That guy must have some serious Health Bills to pay.

  15. cla7ify says:

    @IronWolfHunter I’ve been watching some of the first episodes of the series… Check out the episode “Aubrey” (season 2 episode 12, I think), he appears there too!! As well as in the “Fight the Future” movie as agent Darius Michaud :D and the episode in this video is “Trust No 1″ (season 9 episode 8, I think)

  16. IronWolfHunter says:

    @cla7ify I KNEW he freakin’ looked familiar! I’ve watched that episode a thoundand times, and when I watched this video for the 3rd time I was like “OMFG It’s freakin’ Locke!!!”

  17. gilmarbeta says:

    This was beautifully edited. My most sincere congratulations, and thank you for sharing.

  18. Ihateu2btoo says:

    Had anyone posted the name of the song. I already know the composer.
    Beautiful work by the way. So moving. Loved it.

  19. shinaichica says:

    @GABESALOMON The song is “Saving Josh” by Trevor Morris, made for the TV Series “Moonlight”

  20. 666hoschi says:

    This is the first vid that has ever made me cry. Because of the wonderful music, because of the meaning of this scene for David and Gillian (see quotes), because of my realization how much I miss Mulder and Scully and how much I love them! Since then I’ve watched your beautiful vid like a trillion times but never commented until now. I’m glad they meant what I thought they meant in that cryptic dialogue according to your interpretation. :)

  21. MerylxStreep says:

    THIS vid is the prettiest EVER

  22. missAprelle says:

    @alessandrina80 wow…poor gill & david :-( i had no idea he quit. V_V

  23. GABESALOMON says:

    What is the song?

  24. GABESALOMON says:


  25. GABESALOMON says:


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