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The Wild Wild West TV intro (1965)

James West and Artemus Gordon are two agents of President Grant who take their splendidly appointed private train through the west to fight evil. Half science fiction and half western, the Artemus designs a series of interesting gadgets for James that would make Inspector Gadget proud.

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25 Responses to “The Wild Wild West TV intro (1965)”

  1. setpunk12 says:

    Greatest opening to a tv show ever.

  2. calibreeze007 says:

    Exactly! Nothing against Smith but why on earth would he be chosen to play James West of all people. That’s like casting Adam Sandler as Shaft.

  3. wooo55 says:

    @bondurango They couldnt show him punching a woman today, the PC nazis would have a fit.

  4. leonbrain68 says:

    @bondurango No, not in the first season. This was only the case in the 3 other (color) seasons.

  5. nokomarie1963 says:

    I always did like this intro.

  6. bondurango says:

    This is NOT the original opening. The original has the cowboy decking the woman with a punch.

  7. paladin712 says:

    I loved this show when I was a kid. I grew up on westerns.

  8. GoblinXXX says:

    I liked the ending of the opening when the show went to color, and he just DECKS the chick who tries to stab him.

  9. esmith407 says:

    @JeremyS1959 The Star Trek movies of the 80s didn’t do too badly for themselves, especially when they hit their stride with the special effects.

  10. pyrogyra72 says:

    I actually enjoyed the movie, but I agree, more could have been done to make it better. I could have done without the giant spider, and Selma Hayek’s revelation.

    I wouldn’t mind a complete revamp of this either as a new movie or tv show. Especially now that the steampunk genre is really popular.

  11. egirard56 says:

    @rudyracerx – “The Night of the Man Eating House”

  12. catchersmitt0 says:

    @albatani27 well, yeah, the Civil war was about states rights… the north won and so we have a federal government stronger than any one state’s interests. (Imagine living in Louisana if Missouri had the “right” to dump all its pollution on you).

  13. BondJamesBodn says:

    Lol this is a classic opening and I like the theme as well.

  14. scyduckzard2007 says:

    my grandmother LOVED 2 watch this show, along w/ Hawaii 5-O & CHiPs, & other shows like those

  15. albatani27 says:

    One can also infer that African slavery didn’t exist either and that the Civil War was fought as a result of different ideological differences than in the real world.

  16. albatani27 says:

    @legion171874 The poor quality of the film version is due to it being a poorly conceived and executed effort. In fact the use of a “black guy” pays direct homage to the series. If you look at all the episodes, they seem to indicate that racial discrimination between blacks and whites didn’t really exist in this alternate universe old west. Actually a refreshing conceit.

  17. er6789er says:

    Jim West was the first western James Bond – I love Will but let’s redo it in a better version….

  18. rudyracerx says:

    Does anyone know the the name of the episode where Jim and Artie are in a haunted mansion?

  19. bryanneumann says:

    Still A Great Show!!!

  20. titanicpiano14 says:

    Check out my rendition of Outlaws on piano!

  21. legion171874 says:

    I don’t understand why they have to use a black guy. Will Smith did not do a good job…The version he did SUCKs.

  22. 1971tyl says:

    great show

  23. zaynzaynzayn says:

    i remember this from childhood. thanks

  24. portal1337 says:

    @stage135 yes I got it the first time :P

    sounds like you need to write to the factory and get a new one

  25. stage135 says:

    @portal1337 haha, portal 1337, I took your advice and showed my girl friend some recent pics of Conrad. You know what? She was depressed and said: “If time can ravage the most handsome man on the planet, think what it will do to you in 40 years.”

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