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The Wild Wild West TV intro (1965)

James West and Artemus Gordon are two agents of President Grant who take their splendidly appointed private train through the west to fight evil. Half science fiction and half western, the Artemus designs a series of interesting gadgets for James that would make Inspector Gadget proud.
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25 Responses to “The Wild Wild West TV intro (1965)”

  1. Woody615 says:

    As we all know on the right, YouTube puts up links to similar videos that just played. Take a good look at all the great theme shows: Wild Wild West (color), Barnaby Jones, Maverick, Hogan’s Heroes, Peter Gunn, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Hawaii 5-0, Rockford Files, I Spy, It takes a Thief, Mannix, Mr. Ed, and The Rat Patrol.

    NOTHING today compares to these theme songs.

  2. yodiroxie says:

    That’s cool

  3. mcteeth says:

    i remember seeing this show as a kid occasionally and enjoying it. looking at this intro, though, i have to say – this is one of the least animated pieces of animation ever made.

  4. theskeptic2010 says:

    @bigbass421 I remember all of these shows from when I was a kid. TV was really good back then and was actually worth staying home nights and watching. Seemed like everyone watched TV back then and it was actually entertaining. I guess you could say that I was part of the “TV generation” that grew up on these shows, and I sort of miss them. The Wild Wild West was a favorite of mine.

  5. RodneyIsCougerMan says:

    Star Robert Conrad did his own stunts, but it was Ross Martin as Artemus Gordan who stole the show with his elaborate disguises. The show was a perfect blend of comedy and drama. Will Smith did the movie version of the Wild Wild West, but I heard it wasn’t as good.

  6. ttt8699 says:

    I like the later version where the cowboy smacks the bitch!

  7. evilbull55 says:

    @bigbass421 Man, you nailed it square on the head. I’m with ya…

  8. evilbull55 says:

    @bigbass421 Man, you nailed it square on the head. I’m with ya…

  9. evilbull55 says:

    As a kid growing up in the 60′s and 70′s, I loved this show. It used to come on Friday nights at ten, and then Shock Theater with Dr Paul Bearer came on. I was in heaven back in those days. Do I ever miss those days growing up. There’s hardly anything comparable to the quality of shows back then, and besides, there’s WAY too many commercials on these days. Thank heavens for DVR’s.

  10. elbikino1 says:

    The Wild Wild West is my SECOND all-time favorite TV show! Why? 1) The interplay between Artie & James West! 2) James West as portrayed by Robert Conrad was sensational! How many TV male characters do you know of that were as genuinely handsome, as physically fit, and as confident as James West!
    BUT, it was the show’s tendency of leaning towards the SUPERNATURAL that won me over! (see especially, The Night Of The Man-Eating House).
    My favorite TV show? The very SUPERNATURAL, DARK SHADOWS!

  11. Puzzoozoo says:

    I remember that program. Memories come flooding back.

  12. DaZINGERMAN1 says:


  13. 801liveable says:

    no doubt..the best opening..friday nights..CBS..

  14. godkingzulu says:

    Great animation by DePatie Freleng! Truly awesome titles!!!

  15. whiskeyify says:

    The movie with Will Smith was a joke…I do like Will Smith but he could never do half the stuff Conrad did. Conrad was an excellent stunt man and could handle a gun and horse as well. Not only that but Conrad has a lot of charm.

  16. robotcrusher says:

    @Oldbmwr100rs It is still on the air. Kind of. It comes on a local channel here (KFOR/OK43) at like 4am, just before Bonanza. I DVR it.

  17. Oldbmwr100rs says:

    This was actually one show that wasn’t ruined by the batman effect that took out so many other promising shows just as they were taking off! Even now, if it was put back on the air i think many people would find it still well done and just as entertaining. That’s a rare compliment for a show of that period.

  18. intellwarrior says:

    James West = the James Bond of his time.

  19. njudahchronicles says:

    great show. when I was a kid I got a respiratory illness so bad I missed 3 months of school. I either read books or was allowed to watch some TV. this was part of it. it got me through it. fucking awesome. That remake with Will Smith was an abortion of a film that needs to be burned. He sucked and the movie sucked all the balls ever.

  20. jmkeupp says:

    A great show and ahead of its time I think. Ross Martin was a fine actor and died much too young.

  21. suze816 says:

    Sorry but I still disagree.
    I just don’t remember it that way.
    Who’s got an episode to load here complete with intro ?

  22. Nerhlman says:

    @suze816 You are very wrong. nothing was whitewashed. This was the original end to the intro. The punching came later.

  23. taypar11 says:

    Migilito Lovelace, the little dwarf who used to screw up James West’s world..

  24. suze816 says:

    Thank you Alexvideoclip !
    That IS the correct ending for the intro !
    He DID punch the woman in the face after she pulled the knife.
    Knocked her on her ass, too.
    We saw it here in the states when the tv series was on and when re-runs were aired.
    I cannot believe it has been whitewashed like that here.
    What a disappointment.
    Someone should be ashamed of altering it !

  25. 95path says:

    Awesomw show and quite possible the very first steampunk ;)

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