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The Wild Wild West – The Complete Second Season

The Wild Wild West – The Complete Second Season

James West and Artemus Gordon are two agents of President Grant who take their splendidly appointed private train through the west to fight evil. Half science fiction and half western, the Artemus designs a series of interesting gadgets for James tha

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  1. Wayne Klein says:

    Review by Wayne Klein for The Wild Wild West – The Complete Second Season
    The second season of “The Wild Wild West” looks terrific in its DVD presentation with nice, bold colors. We get all 28 episodes of the second season included in this set. With guest stars such as Victor Buno, Richard Pryor (both in the first episode “Night of the Eccentrics”), Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis, Jr. and William Windom among many others. As with the previous set the season in housed in a cardboard box with discs 1-6 facing each other in slimline DVD holders. The 7th disc is in its own holder.

    This season features many episodes for which the series became famous. In “The Night of the Flying Pie Plate” Jim and Artie face lovely green skinned Venusians but quickly discover that these aliens aren’t what they appear to be on the surface. “The Night of the Rave” features Dr. Loveless in a plan to shrink the entire human race–except Loveless who will now be a giant and rule humanity. “The Night of the Big Blast” features a doctor who has resurrected the dead and changed them into duplicate of Jim and Artie to kill the President. In “The Night of the Lord of Limbo” Jim must track a kidnapped Artie who appears to have been sent back in time aspart of a plan to change the outcome of the Civil War.

    Sadly, it appears that Paramount put all the extras they’re going to put out on the first set ofThe Wild Wild West – The Complete First Season This set comes without extras. We get some fantasy themed episodes as usual with “The Night of the Lord of Limbo” in which Jim must find Artie and is taken on a strange journey through time. “The Night of the Surreal McCoy” features Dr. Loveless’ evil plan to transport murderers into his faked masterpieces and then use them to kill important people and “The Night of the Big Blast” in which duplicates are created of Artie and Jim from two dead people and sent on a mission to assassinate President Grant.

    There are also plenty of episodes that focus much more on more traditional spy western adventure plots but always with an unusual twist. That’s what made “The Wild Wild West” so unique; the willingness of the producers/writers to introduce a mix of different genres within the show. As usual Robert Conrad and Ross Martin are both superb in their roles. Conrad did many stunts on the show later earning special recognition from the stuntman’s guild.

    As with the first season the plots are vary from more conventional James Bond-like episodes to the surreal ones I’ve mentioned. A pity that no one was asked to provide commentary for any of these episodes. While most of the cast are deceased, we could have used a commentary by someone who studies TV and the impact of the show or, at the very least, someone who knows trivia about the show. I have no complaints for the most part however because Paramount has done a terrific job making sure these transfers look top notch and clean in their presentation here. I didn’t find many of the episodes quite as dark here as some of the early black and white episodes of the first set. The Wild Wild West – The Complete First Season

  2. Toppro says:

    Review by Toppro for The Wild Wild West – The Complete Second Season
    Finally the long awaited “Wild Wild West” is here and now we are graced with the second season in full color. What a God send! I have been waiting to see this series again for about 20 years since it last appeared on TV in my area. Now slowly one by one they are releasing the seasons for all to enjoy.

    The show was always packed with excitement and adventure and the second season stands out as one of the best of the series. We meet all new villians starring some of the best known TV stars at the time. The second season also includes four more episodes, out of the ten total starring the infamous Dr. Lovless. There were 4 episodes in season one and there are one episode each of Dr. Loveless in the upcoming third and fourth seasons.

    The 28 shows are as follows:

    1) “The night of the Eccentrics” starring Victor Buono

    2) “The night of the Golden Cobra” starring Boris Karloff

    3) “The night of the Raven” starring Michael Dunn

    4) “The night of the Big Blast” starring Ida Lupino

    5) “The night of the Returning Dead” starring Peter Lawford

    6) “The night of the Flying Pie Plate” starring William Windom

    7) “The night of the Poisonous Posey” starring Delphi Lawrence

    8) “The night of the Bottomless Pit” starring Theodore Marcuse

    9) “The night of the Watery Death” starring John Van Drreelen

    10) “The night of the Green Terror” starring Michael Dunn

    11) “The night of the Ready Made Corpse” starring Carrol O’Connor

    12) “The night of the Man-Eating House” Starring Hurd Hatfield

    13) “The night of the Skulls” starring Donald Woods

    14) “The night of the Infernal Machines” starring Ed Begley

    15) “The night of the Lord of Limbo” starring Ricardo Montalban

    16) “The night of the Tottering Tontine” starring Robert Emhardt

    17) “The night of the Feathered Fury” starring Victor Buono

    18) “The night of the Gypsy Peril” starring Ruta Lee

    19) “The night of the Tartar” starring John Astin

    20) “The night of the Vicious Valentine” starring Agnes Moorehead

    21) “The night of the Brain” starring edward Andrews

    22) “The night of the Deadly Bubble” starring Alfred Ryder

    23) “The night of the Surreal McCoy” starring Michael Dunn

    24) “The night of the Colonel’s Ghost” starring Kathie Browne

    25) “The night of the Deadly Blossom” starring Nehemiah Persoff

    26) “The night of the Cadre” starring Richard Jaeckel

    27) “The night of the Wolf” starring Joseph Campanella

    28) “The night of the Bogus Bandits” starring Michael Dunn

    Some of my favorite episodes in this season are:

    “The night of the Flying Pie Plate where we are introduced to flying saucers that run on melnum or “gold” as we earthlings call it. They of course need all the gold the town holds to get back to the planet they came from in exchange for jewels that seem to be in over abundant supply on thier planet, and on their costumes.

    “The night of the Green Terror” where Dr. Lovless tries to hoodwink the local indian tribe into believing he is some kind of god, until West and Gordon show up to battle with the evil genius in his giant sized suit of armour, specialy rigged to make it look like he is taller than we all know he is.

    “The night of the Tottering Tontine” Jim and Artey are assigned to protect a member of a tontine which is an investment group where the last survivor gets all the money. Well we all know that spells trouble and it sure does as all the members are trapped in the meeting room of a mansion owned by one of the members. They are forced to spend the night against their wishes and one by one the members are being killed off and West and Gordon must find the culprit behind these mysterious deaths before it’s too late.

    “The night of the Vicious Valentine” In this episode, the villainous played by Agnes Moorehead is running an antiquated computer dating service where some prominent heads of state are joined in unholy matrimony. These new brides are actually an accomplice in a plot to murdering them. West and Gordon get tangled up in this mess and must come to the rescue once again.

    All in all the second season has some great episodes that are sure to please all the fans of this series and will definitely entice newbies to the show into obtaining all four season when they are finally released.

  3. Steve Guardala says:

    Review by Steve Guardala for The Wild Wild West – The Complete Second Season
    The series is set during the Presidency of Ulysses Grant from 1869-77. The two agents are the dashing James West{Robert Conrad], & the superb character actor Artemus Gordon{Ross Martin]. They live & travel on a luxury train filled with more gadgets than I could list here. Besides, why would I want to reveal everything & spoil the viewers fun? I gave season one a perfect 5 stars. This season dropped slightly to a 4.8 because, episode 2 “The Night Of The Golden Cobra” was so lame.

    However, this season was in vivid color & the viewer will enjoy the “ultra sexy Michele Carey” as the sidekick to the fiendishly clever villain Count Manzeppi, played flamboyantly by Victor Buono. You will also see Akbar the elephant, the alphabet murders, gypsies, the philosophers stone, the Supreme Court, Venusians, Devil’s Island, Russia, Hawaii, an environmental terrorist, a time travelling magician, killer crystals, & a new villain “the Braine.” The show maintained its western, espionage, alternate history, & sci-fi elements. There was also more comedy, stylized inventions, stunning women, & more gadgets. Fans{like myself}, of Jules Verne, Edgar Allen Poe, & H.G.Wells will be turned on to the episodes that incorporated many of the above authors ideas.

    For me as with season one, the four best episodes involved Dr. Loveless{played perfectly by Michael Dunn}. Perhaps, it is because the writers developed his character the most? Episodes 5 & 12 “The Night Of The Returning Dead, & Night Of The Lord Of Limbo” with guest stars Sammy Davis Jr. & Ricardo Montalban respectfully were also very unique in tone & execution. In conclusion, this was another imaginative season of a sadly underappreciated show. I have bought several copies for friends & family.

  4. Terence Allen says:

    Review by Terence Allen for The Wild Wild West – The Complete Second Season
    This great series is finally available on DVD collections by seasons. “The Wild, Wild West” was one of the last successful Western television shows, coming on right as the era of the great Western TV show was coming to an end.

    Its success was due to the fact that not only was it exciting and action-packed, but it was a curious meld of traditional Western action, espionage, science fiction, and high camp. It was in equal parts a product of its time as a Western, such as “Gunsmoke” and “Bonanza,” a semi-serious, lots of camp spy show like “I-Spy,” “The Man From UNCLE,” and “The Avengers,” science fiction like “Star Trek” and “Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea,” and sophomoric camp like “Batman.” Robert Conrad and Ross Martin made a formidable team as US Secret Service agents James West and Artemis Gordon, as they travelled all over the West in their personal locomotive thwarting the schemes and intrigues of power-mad scientists and ruthless governments.

    This show is near and dear to a lot of us who grew up in the mid to late 60′s, and it is a joy to watch these episodes and remember that while the world was not a simple, carefree place, our living rooms could be while watching shows like “The Wild, Wild West.”

  5. Daniel Lee Taylor says:

    Review by Daniel Lee Taylor for The Wild Wild West – The Complete Second Season
    After getting the first season set, I found the show even better than I remembered. The first season transfers were simply great. Once again, this is a great show. It is part western, part spy thrillerand allaction entertainment. The show is replete with supervillians, top secret weapons and devices that James Bond would love, and of course a beautiful woman in every episode. How can you ask for more from an hour show. Robert Conrad and Ross Martin are a great team to watch and kept the stories fun. This is too good to pass, so don’t. Get this.

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