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The Waltons: The Foundling (1 of 6)

When a young girl is left on the doorstep of the Waltons’ home, they take her in, learning she is deaf after taking her to the doctor.

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25 Responses to “The Waltons: The Foundling (1 of 6)”

  1. shawnbrennan1 says:

    @Nigelxman Thanks I’m here all week! I remember your mom was very funny also.

  2. Nigelxman says:

    @shawnbrennan1 Yeah you’re a real funny guy.

  3. Nigelxman says:

    @roosevelthighschool Living their lives?

  4. SuperPatrick777 says:

    the normal things i suppose .

  5. madskyltd says:

    wait! is olivia coping a feel at 5:06?

  6. madskyltd says:

    wait! is olicai coping a feel at 5:06?

  7. roosevelthighschool says:

    The Waltons are the best TV show ever.

  8. c44LuWanda says:

    @roosevelthighschool I was going to high school and it was a wonderful time to grow up. I remember watching The Waltons back then. It was a simpler time… no such thing as computers in every house, no cell phones(only rotary dial or push button ‘real’ phones), no ipods, no kindle(we read ‘real’ books), etc, etc. I loved it!

  9. roosevelthighschool says:

    I wonder just what people were doing in the mid to late 70;s when this show aired.

  10. TheStarchild73 says:

    It’s always puzzled me how come Jim Bob was a cute child yet grew up into a really fugly adult…. 0_o

  11. mars188 says:

    70s Great 80s Good 90s the down fall started 2000 you know there is troubles 2011 it Sucks

  12. shawnbrennan1 says:

    Why didnt grandpa walton ever beat the piss out of his bitchy wife? That crow was always snipping at someone. I woulf have tied her to my truck and drove around till she was skelatal.

  13. bjbuschman2 says:

    well people i do love this show so much but i did some research on the people in the show and found out grandpa walton( will geer ) was gay in real life.go figure

  14. kallgoren says:

    I’m 14, and I love this show. :) You can watch it on Hallmark :)

  15. melissamaytinkabell says:

    There’s a user that called waltonfamileylover who uploaded alot of the Walton’s movies and some Walton’s episodes if you can’t find the user then try typing in the Walton’s Easter and click on the 14 minuets clip

  16. cher65p4 says:

    Life was so simple then :)

  17. jorgem246 says:

    esta serie me recuerda mucho mi niñes porque me gustaba mucho.el contenido es de muchas enseñanzas en la parte familiar.que buen programa.tiempos que no volveran.gracias por publicarlo.

  18. Lupton2000 says:

    I figured that this was made around March or April 1972. Even though the TV movie served as the pilot, they still had to shoot another pilot since there was major recasting.

  19. Pinkypink5411997 says:

    @paracordjunky the user who uploaded them (HuskerTexan) got banned because of copyright issues. It was too bad too, he had almost all of them up!

  20. sheryljj52 says:

    Hi, is there any way you could put up the episode, The Substitute? I was watching it
    on Hallmark channel and our electric service was interrupted because of the heat
    wave! I really want to see what happened. Thank you for posting all these episodes.
    I love the Walton’s.

  21. lakerry says:

    thanks for the episode!

  22. angels77100 says:

    Anyway after years and years of not being able to watch my favorite programme without vomiting. They found out what the problem was. It turned out to be Ellen Corby. Yes harmless old Grandma. Weird huh? Apparently she was in a movie I was watching when a traumatic event that changed my life happened. So every time I saw her after (as In the Waltons my system went into shock and I began vomiting. Has anyone else suffered a similar experience watching Ellen Corby in the Waltons?

  23. angels77100 says:

    I’m not gonna lie. I liked the Waltons. I still do. It’s got good morals, no swearing, and no sex or drugs. The perfect family show. But from an early age, I’ve never been able to watch it without being violently sick. I mean vomiting until I think my ribs are gonna break. Doctors suggested that I turn the volume down on the opening credits. But that didn’t help as it had nothing to do with the music. Then they deleted all Ralph Waite’s scenes. And it worked a little.

  24. Juliaflo says:

    @wilma419 Next year—The 40th Anniversary of The Waltons.

  25. wilma419 says:

    I just adore this show. Can’t get enough.

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