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The Waltons say goodnight

Just a family members saying goodnight.

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25 Responses to “The Waltons say goodnight”

  1. quit4tv says:

    Thanks so much

  2. thekenergizer says:

    I still love this show. I guess I am showing my age of 44. This show is chock full of morality and the lessons we learned in Sunday School, I hope more people discover this show soon.

  3. FutureNewsAnchor says:

    Two guys can’t masturbate in the house/

  4. rosiethompson09 says:

    goodnight john boy

  5. SUCKMEISTER005 says:

    Goonight daddy! Goodnight momma! Bite me Jim Bob! Hey…who said that???!!!

  6. Pedy1968 says:

    Wonderful memories…thank you!

  7. stewielove101 says:

    @GenericRubbishName You know that’s not what he’s saying. Don’t be so ignorant.

  8. alexdiasba says:

    good night…

  9. GenericRubbishName says:

    @bobg69 Aww, that’s right. Keep living in the comfortable delusion that all humans are good, honest people, in your magical marshmallow world where everybody eats candy for dinner.

  10. CAB4SHO says:

    Goodnight John Boy

  11. recoverfromhydro says:

    Always amazed me how they could suport so many kids,esp.,w/ only one parent working, during the depression;have two sibblings,and both my folks had to work.

  12. NstyMax says:

    Wolfatnight u could not have said it any better my friend. I feel sorry for todays youth. They were not lucky enough to have seen good tv and wholesome values like we were taught. Jersey shore says it all. A total bunch of degenerates.

  13. karenbenn says:

    how I admire the sane comments on here and pity the poor people who missed out !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. louiselvis says:

    ha ha i remember.beautiful memories in 1978!

  15. wolfatnight says:

    to answer the question “what happened to family values”?…. the answer is this – “family values” are no longer considered “cool”…… it is “hip” and “cool” to be a jerkoff… preferably on drugs and alcohol…. to hate the police… to hate teachers…… to treat women like whores…. it’s celebrated all over the media and pop culture….. shows like “Jersey Shore” are what most want to watch – mindless, ignorant morons getting drunk… thats “dope” and “fresh”… sad, man

  16. gabsylv says:

    @bobg69 The Waltons never existed, and their morals are a writer’s/producer’s fantasy. The Jim Bobs of the world were wife-beaters and the Mary Ellen’s, narrow-minded bigots.

  17. TheRadioSSC says:

    Oh wie hab ich das geliebt….

  18. MissBlondiepop says:

    i love this show so much and im only 16

  19. bnault says:

    FYI, Mary McDonough has written her autobio about being Erin on the show. Check out her book on Amazon, “Lessons from the Mountain, What I Learned from Erin Walton.” and preorder your copy.

  20. drummerkid71 says:

    @bobg69 You hit the nail right smack, dab on the head. People should learn from this. Family values have gone down hill. If I had neighbors like this I would be the proudest person ever.
    All the best to you and yours.

  21. Imaluckyducky38 says:

    @Bobg69~That’s so right! what happened to family values?!?!

  22. RRussoNJ1982 says:

    Good Night, John Boy. Good Night John Boy? John Boy? Dammit, can’t a guy masturbate in this house?

  23. akcheartsjb says:

    thumbs up if craig ferguson convinced u 2 come here..because hes always tking but the end 2 the waltons and youve never heard of them

  24. lemooos100 says:

    goodnight bardock….

  25. hotstreek704 says:

    @KidGangstaReturns That’s how I found this video.

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