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The Waltons – Poltergeist

Clips from the episode “The Changeling” with Carol Anne’s Theme in one of my favourite movies “Poltergeist” I thought the 2 went together pretty well :)

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23 Responses to “The Waltons – Poltergeist”

  1. bhickman6 says:

    Anyone know where I can actually find the episode not this sort of insipid tomfoolery?

  2. rayssonation says:

    Reason why this show jumped the shark? Its amazing that CBS kept it on the air for the nine astounding years(1972-1981). The first five seasons of the show were in fact heartwarming family drama until this episode. The episode aired during its eighth season of the 1979-1980 season.

  3. xjames118 says:

    God almighty; when I googled ‘Waltons poltergeist’, I half hoped it would come back nil and it had just been a krazy dream I had as a tiny child. Can’t think of any other non-fantasy show which suddenly had a sci-fi story line, except maybe the aliens in Dallas, and this is better than that. They should have done an episode where John-boy breaks the fourth wall, or Grandpa is revealed as God.

  4. Nightshift10000 says:

    She was actually doing it all psychically in the show.

  5. Johnny19621000 says:

    This was the best episode of the series, because it was so different than the others. I liked the shows that revolved around Elizabeth, probably because I was the same age. “The Ferris Wheel” is another of my favorites.

  6. misstinwhistle says:

    This show was so wholesome and innocent.. until this episode came on and made me scared of the dark. The raggedy anne doll scene on the bed scared the hell out of me. I was her age and I thought this was going to happen to me at 13.

  7. allawatta says:

    This is when the show seriously jumped the shark..

  8. ScullyboyDX says:

    where can i watch this episode online???

  9. LT1HILLINGHOE says:

    Elizabeth was an annoying child and she sure was’t a pretty child either.

  10. dugger80 says:

    I thought this episode was pretty scarey!

  11. lydia13031996 says:

    what episode is this?

  12. kevinhof63 says:

    I’ve always wondered about this episode. First, it was a very unusual episode because of it’s subject matter. Second, the famous Stephen Spielberg movie “Poltergeist” wasn’t released until four years after this episode was filmed. I always wondered if this might have been an inspiration for him to make that movie?

  13. babybookworm003 says:

    the funny thing is despite the movie poltergeist a potergiest is not actualy a ghost but an enrgy phenomen common around teens that cause huanting like occurances

  14. pokemontrainerxxx says:

    There are a few Episodes I don’t like to watch at night alone in my room with the door closed. And those 3 episodes are:

    1. The Changeling (The Poltergeist one)

    Like seriously did you see her doll in the Episode? That scared me to hell!

    2. The Ferris Wheel

    You know its kinda creepy when Elizabeth sneaks out at night. Kinda creepy.

    3. The Carousel

    Okay well not all of it is scary but the part when she’s dreaming of the Merry Go Round….the music was creepy.

  15. JimBobWaltonLover says:

    I know right?
    Thank you!! =)

  16. rettrovision says:

    This soundtrack was made for this episode. Nice job!!

  17. KatieBeth1000 says:

    I saw this episode a few months ago and it was WEIRD!

  18. tsulli4 says:

    Love the music. So relaxing…

  19. lauraingallsfan79 says:

    nice video

  20. sailorgirlat14 says:

    thanks for sending this lovely video to me. its real good. keep it up! :)

  21. susan462 says:

    The music was very relaxing and i remember watching this episode of the Waltons when i was younger and it was extremely eerie, good job.

  22. LauraWaltonFan says:

    This is one of my favorite episodes! I’ve never seen the movie though, but it sounds like it might be interesting!

  23. xLaura81x says:

    OMV.. Ali loved it

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