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The Waltons Intro II

The Waltons TV Intro

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25 Responses to “The Waltons Intro II”

  1. highscoremusic says:

    Für alle Junggebliebenen – folgende 80er Kult-Hörspiele sind übrigens wieder zu haben: “Professor van Dusen”, “Als die Autos rückwärts fuhren”, “Detektiv Kolumbus & Sohn” und “Schubiduu…uh”.
    Checkt mal auf youtube, iTunes oder Highscore Music.

  2. prkendora says:

    @SuperLittleman101 Most shows are not centered on the traditional family unit now as most of us knew it growing up, and that’s sad.

  3. prkendora says:

    @neworldorder65 People started lowering their standards, and we continue to go downhill!

  4. SuperLittleman101 says:

    Hi wish they would have more family shows like the Waltons now days. But now its more trash shows today than ever. No wonder why American family values is going down the drain.

  5. Meladygrey46 says:

    theme tune to hellish sundays, tears of boredom drop from mine eyes

  6. wannawatchu66 says:

    @TheDaviniumXX You could’ve written it a year ago. I only saw it yesterday. And I’ve already explained myself. This conversation’s over. Don’t bother reply; it’ll be deleted without being opened.


  7. TheDaviniumXX says:

    @wannawatchu66 Did you really give that much of a damn over four fucking words posted two months ago??? “Oh look, he’s trying to disturb the peace.”

  8. wannawatchu66 says:

    @TheDaviniumXX I wouldn’t say it’s my “favorite” show, I rarely watched it as a kid in the 70s, it was in the 90s that I developed a real interest in it.

    And no, actually, you didn’t hurt my feelings at all. Unless you were joking, which I doubt, you just sounded like a jerk, both in your original post and in your reply to me. Hey, you’re entitled to your opinion; hate the Waltons all you want, but why click on this video then, other than to troll and start shit? Why not let us enjoy in peace?

  9. TheDaviniumXX says:

    @wannawatchu66 Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. I hurt your feelings. Did I make fun of your favorite show.

  10. wannawatchu66 says:

    @TheDaviniumXX Nice thing to say. You sound like a person of experience.

  11. jfranklins says:

    @neworldorder65 I agree!

  12. jfranklins says:

    Such good memories! I miss those days!

  13. MyMerlin1 says:

    I can’t believe i used to watch this shyt.

  14. SgtBastard101 says:

    PUUUUUKE! Awww,had too much of the “Recipe”! hahahaHA!

  15. TheDaviniumXX says:

    The Waltons were inbreds

  16. EddyFleischmann says:

    Magnificent series!!!

  17. CodyZamboni says:

    man, this music is like a time machine, the memories flood back. Great theme music by Jerry Goldsmith

  18. JanineCullen says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh i love it :D

  19. rkinwatauga says:

    gotta have the recipe…

  20. chrigel1234 says:

    I will try to avoid that :-)

  21. millwallpaul76 says:

    this was first broadcast on a monday night on bbc2 at 810 great memories thank you for u tube

  22. CharlesShawRules says:

    Tempo’s too fast w/ this version.

  23. CenturianRule says:

    This is too sweet too. Corny.

  24. kabogga says:

    I used to love watching this when it was broadcast on a sunday morning in england. But for some reason I never liked Little House On The Prairie. Probably because it was a bit too sickly sweet for my taste. But gimme John Boy and Co and I’m longing for a taste of the Baldwin sisters ‘Recipe’ :-)

  25. dudenheimer1 says:

    Wow!CLASSIC!!-This was my dream family!!(some people had “imaginary friends” growing up,I had”imaginary families!!”–that’s what foster “CARE” will do to a 5yr.old!)…sad how we were babysat and programed by the idiot box!!-Hey,this reminds me of an old T.V. add for the Yellow Pages I think,showing old black and white stills from the 30s+40s,with some guy singing”Heart of my heart,I love that melodie…”-ring a bell,anyone?(No pun intended!!)…

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