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The Untouchables Trailer

The Untouchables – Brian De Palma (1987) Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, Robert De niro.

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25 Responses to “The Untouchables Trailer”

  1. GiantEnemyCrab63 says:

    “This man can finger Al Capone!” …….what

  2. XCHAPYEG says:

    Great movie. One of the best crime movies out there.

  3. Shotgunner56 says:

    lol umad.

  4. Shotgunner56 says:

    Your ignorance is profound.

  5. SanderKivi says:

    I got a Sean Connery collection somewhere with Red October and some other films , This was in it aswell and i watched it with my family and later on many times alone beacause it was just such a good film . I rarely watch movies like more than once :D this is just outstanding to say the least .

  6. gacokiller says:

    i love deniro smile

  7. ohmygodwtfisthis says:

    kevin costner sucks.

  8. bobszvetics1 says:


  9. ohmygodwtfisthis says:

    this movie sucks dick

  10. blablaman233 says:

    @bonds002 thanks :)

  11. bonds002 says:

    @blablaman233 Pavarotti – I Pagliacci

  12. blablaman233 says:

    whats the music called at 1:57

  13. narragansettharco says:

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  14. ForceMaximus84 says:

    @rod7661 Other than Carlito’s Way and MIssion: Impossible, of course.

  15. gameguy5588 says:

    Top of my top ten!

  16. gameguy5588 says:

    To this day, top of my top 10!

  17. rod7661 says:

    the last good movie Brian De Palma

  18. PoeticWhiz says:

    You gonna get Capone? Here’s how you get them. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue! That’s the Chicago Way! And that’s how you get Capone!

  19. kanmoreti says:

    @STFUMofo3 Well, as you said “back in the days” I thought that you were one of those guys that jack off to transformers. There are quite a lot of those guys in my school.

  20. STFUMofo3 says:

    @kanmoreti i agree with you on old movies are better. i cant stand new movies so i decided to watch this cause its an old movie but what a let down.

    by the way transformers and iron man are childish movies and they suck bad.

  21. kanmoreti says:

    @STFUMofo3 Just because Transformers and Iron man have great special effects doesn’t mean they are good. THOSE are the rubbish, old movies are better.

  22. RaceIsOpen says:

    very nice movie…just watched it’t get tired of it. It was good then….it is good now! hands down one of the best flicks of all times and love the acting

  23. STFUMofo3 says:

    rubbish movie , maybe back in the days it was good but now its useless.

  24. TMAAGSsmith says:

    haha 1:38, “this man can finger al capone”

  25. miafan89 says:

    I visited Chicago on a trip in high school back in 2006 and we got a tour of the city where the St. Valentines Day massacre was along with a bunch of landmarks made famous by gangsters- its a really cool city everyone should visit there at least once.

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