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The Untouchables Trailer

The Untouchables – Brian De Palma (1987) Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, Robert De niro.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Untouchables Trailer”

  1. hurricanesofhell says:

    @iLecter im not hopeless now.. i wouldn’t let my anger get the best of me.. to start shooting up everyone at random.. XD lol only.. some people.

  2. bananarama471 says:

    @jim19851 I completely agree I found this movie to almost be cheesy. I hope they can make a new one. Either Michael Mann or Jerry Bruckheimer as a director and it should make it better.

  3. iLecter says:

    @hurricanesofhell You need help man, you seem pretty forlorn for a teenager.

  4. iLecter says:

    @hurricanesofhell Why do you keep putting a sad-face at the end of every sentence? Are you being bullied/are you depressed?

  5. iLecter says:

    @hurricanesofhell How old are you?

  6. hurricanesofhell says:

    @iLecter yeah :( sometimes i make the wrong impression or say the wrong things then the person im talking to tells me off then blocks me.

  7. iLecter says:

    @hurricanesofhell Are you insecure?

  8. hurricanesofhell says:

    @iLecter we’ll in that case i feel like a idiot for making a big deal out of it. if i did :(

  9. hurricanesofhell says:

    @WeNeedSomeGolfShoes top of the morning to ya! XD

  10. iLecter says:

    @hurricanesofhell I agree with you man. But at the end of the day, it’s their opinion. If we liked the film, we liked the film, and believe me, more people like it than dislike it. Every film has people who don’t like it, even films like The Godfather. Most of the people who thumbs up’d that comment probably judged it off of this trailer, anyway.

  11. hurricanesofhell says:

    @iLecter :( i wasn’t telling @jim19851 to love the movie lol but i like it and it says he has over 70 thumbs ups and im confused not that everybody has to like this movie and agree with me :( its just being a fan of the movie i really cant understand how the script is bad and poor dialogs.. but i don’t want to bug @jim19851 for a response saying “it wasn’t so bad i liked this and etc” so i’ll just leave him alone. :(

  12. iLecter says:

    @hurricanesofhell It’s his opinion. I too, think it was a good film.

  13. hurricanesofhell says:

    @jim19851 no im not going against you O_o i actually didn’t understand how the script was bad and the dialog was poor i was confused in my opinion i saw it and i loved it all. but when you said your opinion and you had 64 i really just wanted to know why O_o everyone agreed that it was a bad script and poor dialogs. O_o.. im not really saying that because i like the movie either. and i think it was flawless :P

  14. jim19851 says:

    @hurricanesofhell what do u want me to say to u; i saw the movie and told my opinion . yours maybe different. correct?

  15. hurricanesofhell says:

    @jim19851 why did you think it had a bad script? and bad dialogs? O_o

  16. Snako85 says:

    @jim19851 the dialog was great but it wasnt all flashy which i liked. it was a great movie

  17. tastybrownies says:


    You’re clearly delusional.

  18. Abdulmalik773 says:

    what a great movie

  19. ZACHARY8004 says:

    @vincent89067 why is your comment spam if it has 116 people agree with you and 116 thumbs up.its ironic this comment is spam.

  20. angelicpink says:

    one of my favorites!

  21. Zachary6457 says:

    this film is Delusional because the sean connery is a flat nosed irish american malone they say died like a Stuck pig no he died like a human and i live in ireland. I went to disco saw beautiful girls ass i thought she turned around and i was surprised she looked like a struck pig miss piggy and made want to vomit.they should show the true face on film.

  22. Zachary6457 says:

    @vincent89067 the film should do less talk more action i rather eat a Baloney sandwich than watch this bs.

  23. Zachary6457 says:


  24. Zachary6457 says:

    @vincent89067 agree

  25. reginaldblob says:

    @itjustme07 They lack the enthusiasms.

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