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“The Untouchables” Soundtrack

1 of the finest soundtracks EVER from 1 of the best movies EVER. Appreciate.

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25 Responses to ““The Untouchables” Soundtrack”

  1. joineros says:


  2. victorspell1 says:

    @woody76744 Fuck yourself, cocksucker

  3. TheDoug1892 says:


  4. MrThor04 says:

    this is one of the best soundtracks i ever heard ….

  5. tadergott says:


  6. GEOKING95 says:

    now 15 : ) :D they are al capone friends : )))))))

  7. mrman3810 says:

    @woody76744 woody shut the fuck up fag its a classic

  8. madboi1235 says:

    @shawn3975 i know, but, c’mon, de niro is a total badass

  9. shawn3975 says:

    @madboi1235 Actually De Niro doesnt look anything like the real Al Capone.

  10. beswickjames says:

    Fantastic score – one of the best. Thanks for posting.

  11. woody76744 says:

    the film is work of a amateur greedy pig its filth.the movie is overlong and not even close to the greatness of godfather but the soundtrack is amazing. Is just me or does Owen Wilson look like Sean Connery

  12. InShatteredMolds says:

    13 people have a hearing problem

  13. antonyvt says:

    always loved this piece.

  14. coppertweed says:

    i love this film, when i first heard this theme i was like “….wht ¬_¬” but nw im like, yea!

  15. madboi1235 says:

    Awesome movie. Robert De Niro is PERFECT as Al Capone.

  16. dega723 says:

    “I grew up in a tough neighborhood, and we used to say that you can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word…”

  17. coolfedecool says:

    One of the bests movies about mafia! ;)

  18. jella11 says:

    Was at least fun for me :)
    It wasn’t really good practice though.. You didn’t pose any challenge whatsoever.. Even the mayor was more challenging, when I debated against him, for which I made papers. Yeah he got fired after that.

  19. jella11 says:

    Oh I didn’t read this one before.. Anyway I’m sure the people who’d read this will agree with you having “Proven your point” ;) Oh wait, they do know I’m right..
    Anyway, yeah you should be ashamed for wasting your valuable time on a loser who spends his days ruining the fun of others.. I don’t know who you’re talking about or why you’re telling me though.. Anyway I sure haven’t wasted any time on you though.. You may not have learned anything, because of your retardation, but–

  20. jella11 says:

    That does qualify as an answer, even though it is flawed. If anything it’s persuasion, which I didn’t actually even push far at all. I’m not expecting people to feel forced to watch The Godfather and to hate this movie, of course not. I’m merely suggesting a point of view. It’s not the best out there. It’s not by a very long shot. I want them to go look. You didn’t actually defend anyone. You just told me to piss off, which is different than defending your opinion.

  21. fishonadish1128 says:

    @jella11 I Proved my point and I no longer feel the need to waste my time with a thick skulled person who refuses to be reasonable like a spoiled child and I’m ashamed that I wasted my valuble time on a Loser who spends his days ruining the fun of others by insulting what people love. So I say farewell Asshole have a wonderful life and enjoy spreading your own missery towards others Signed Fishonadish1128

  22. fishonadish1128 says:

    @jella11 You want me to elaborate than Ill get to the point I believe your a stuck up
    Asshole who can’t let others enjoy something without listening to your unnessesary oppinion and I decided to deffend Mrboomstick and this movie because like I said in my First comment you weren’t giving this movie enough credit. Though the writting was bad the film still had great qualities. If nothing else this pointless debate has proven my point that you are indeed a stuck up prick.

  23. fishonadish1128 says:

    @jella11 Your suggestion was given under the impression that makes it sound like people should just give up on this movie and enjoy the Godfather instead and thats pretty damn close to forcing crap on people like an obnoxious salesman there does that qualify as an answer in your book?

  24. jella11 says:

    –they are four year olds. Even you can understand this right? If they were, say, about the age of the average YT user, let’s say around 20, it’s much more reasonable to criticize the thing, when this thing they’re watching is, in your opinion, crap, while they are cheering about it all over the place.

  25. jella11 says:

    And did you say why it was taking it into a completely wrong direction? You can’t, because what I said was actually right. When you say “you don’t go telling four year olds that what they’re watching is shit” this analogy only works if the regarded group is comparable to 4 year olds. With this analogy you’d state that the reason why I wouldn’t criticize four year olds, would be the same as why I wouldn’t post stuff like that here. The reason for the former is obvious: because–

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