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The Unknown Comic

I hit the web looking for video on one of the greatest comic’s of all time. To my amazement there was none to be found. So I dug though my archives and here he is….Murray Langston. THE UNKNOWN COMIC!

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25 Responses to “The Unknown Comic”

  1. JFranzicles says:

    Im sure back then it was funny, one liners just dont do it any more. its all about the anecdote.

  2. 7beers says:

    Steve Martin likes the Unknown Comic!!!

  3. sphinxrising58 says:

    @EnjoyTheRideOfLife There is, or at least was a new version, but it sadly lacked the life of the orginal show, & I have no idea if Chuck has anything to do with the new show.

  4. EnjoyTheRideOfLife says:

    @sphinxrising58 there’s a new one? is chuck still hosting?

  5. EnjoyTheRideOfLife says:

    i remember the time he handed out penny candy bags as photographs . and the time he came out with a bottle of liquor in his hand, poured it over his head. “the drinks are on me.”

  6. kantucky says:

    Too funny today to see him doing his act with a cigarette in his hand

  7. surgednb says:

    @Enctypt ya srsly

  8. Enctypt says:

    @surgednb srsly?

  9. armeny925 says:

    @stingray2001 I laughed at him more than laughed with him but The Gong Show wouldn’t be the same without him!

  10. lighthouse44 says:

    @Masoneter Well then you’re either 12 years old or you’ve been living under a rock. Those names that I mentioned are indeed comedy legends and just because your dumb ass doesn’t know who they are doesn’t change that fact. Quite frankly, you should be embarrassed that you’ve never heard of guys like Don Rickles, Alan King, Richard Pryor, etc.

  11. Masoneter says:

    @lighthouse44 I’ve only heard of George Carlin in that entire list. I’ve heard of the Unknown Comic though. Hm… Not very legendary if NO ONE knows who they are…

  12. BlownCain says:

    Unknown Comic ruled!

  13. kurtb8474 says:

    FUNNY! Yes.. i laughed! I watched a show where they took off his bag to reveal who he really was.

  14. vprim1990 says:

    @stingray2001 yes i did… and i wasnt thought of yet

  15. ePhilosopher9 says:

    i adore steve martin

  16. picksone says:

    wow how much comedy has changed in about thirty years.

  17. TheInvincibleViolet says:

    I remember “The Unknown Comic” vividly. discovered who he was (believe it or not) before the rest of the world came to know his real identity ( ! ), as he was on another show during the time he did the “Unknown Comic” act, and i recognized his voice and his gestures. It was a few months after that, that he made himself known to the public. His “shtick” was a great one, I thought. Those were the days !! Thanks for posting this !

  18. edsquidful says:

    the man, the legend.

  19. jrxjohn1 says:

    This show was THE BEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!Reality before ” reality ” tv. The ORIGINAL AMERICAN IDOL SHOW but a billion times better, Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, Milton DeLugg and the band with a thud, this is solid freaking platinum stuff I wish to hell they’d sell ALL the seasons on DVD

  20. EvelTwinOfSlogmaster says:

    @RO80T Err…it’s Murray Langston.

  21. tobohagen says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol lol lol YOUR STANDING TO CLOSE TO THE CAMERA hOW FAR DO YOU WANT ME TO STAND BACK



  22. Mikey10186 says:

    @myradioon They’re still f*** up on TV. They’re just better at covering it up nowadays.

  23. melollylolly says:

    to myradioon-it’s all just part of the act….he’s not coked out of his mind; don’t be so jaded and serious….

  24. RO80T says:


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