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The Ultimate Warrior Meets Arsenio Hall

The Ultimate Warrior makes an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show. Arsenio does not seem to know what to make of the Ultimate one. This was in 1990 sometime just before Wrestlemania VI. Rare classic footage! Check out for all points Warrior related!
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25 Responses to “The Ultimate Warrior Meets Arsenio Hall”

  1. Diggy22 says:

    Damn, between the Warrior and Zeus, Arsenio must have been glad that Hulk Hogan was a good interview. Gotta love how the Warrior stays in character the whole time. :-D

  2. outOFthePITT says:

    lol @2:33

  3. 912mindchanger says:

    this video clearly demonstrates hair in the 90s

  4. sodamntired says:

    i miss this guy, warrior or arsenio? before I grew up and realized it was fake, same, warrior or arsenio?

  5. smoro23 says:

    Lol arsino hall damn near pissed himself

  6. bigalz420 says:

    this guy use to shop where i worked a few years ago………….id like to bang his wife

  7. spazrulzworld says:

    2:40 says it all about warrior

  8. EAchankre says:

    What a fuckin monster this dude was in his prime he deserves credit for that

  9. Mroldays says:

    how did wrestling become a joke again?

  10. Hylgar says:


  11. pcstudios3 says:

    the best guy… :) i love him!!! kiss from greece

  12. czw4life says:

    Say No To Drugs Kids!!!

  13. xXGCCookieXx says:

    Cocain is a Hella of a Drug..

  14. AHarris005 says:

    That isn’t face paint… it’s coke residue!

  15. SJacksonGregory says:

    dudes and dudets, read conan the barbarian and you will understand what he was going for. True barbarizm!! some of you hippies dont get it.

  16. aldointerstellar says:

    @all028 still, for a short moment he was the biggest star in wrestling. he must have been doing something right.

  17. cya7605 says:

    wow this dude got fucked up in the head

  18. turner03122 says:

    Wonder what was going through Arsenio’s Mind when he saw this big ass dude running around like a lunatic?

  19. all028 says:

    I always hated the Ultimate Moron

  20. greywolfone1 says:

    Wow! His arms are bigger than thighs!

  21. austin5812 says:

    @skelotar more cocaine

  22. encrem says:

    mad man

  23. skelotar says:

    Too much Coffee! LOL! RIIIIIGHT

  24. milomaddness123 says:

    God this what will happen when The human mind breaks down

  25. Acemarksman20 says:

    Gorrillia… in character? I thought that how they really were.

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