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Theme song forr the twilight zone
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  1. orsocool15 says:

    the twilight zone is the creepiest theme song ever

  2. jbourdeth1996 says:

    I always think of this intro, when someone enters into the friend zone

  3. theskeptic2010 says:

    Even after all these years this theme still gives me the willies and goosebumps. Great TV show though. My favorite episodes were “The Eye of the Beholder” and “Hometown”

  4. FailSnake says:

    This should be played whenever you’re on the weird part of youtube

  5. holmsatlarge says:

    every Friday night!! I looked forward to being scared by the fantastic “Twlight Zone” Thank-you Mr. Serling!

  6. 14danboy says:

    were can i download this without getting all these sh!t viruses

  7. 1TrulyMad says:

    You have entered a world not of sight and sound but of madness and oddity. Where the very shadows comment on the weather. Where we are honestly expected to buy that men with long flowing red hair are attracted to the opposite gender. Where a girl with pink hair swordfights for her possibly lesbian lover, and yet this all is supposed to be taking place in a school. A school with a old gothic setting and yet has cell phones and basketball. It seems that you have transferred to, The Twilight Zone.

  8. tall32guy says:

    @closedroute93 This is actually was Marius Constant that did this theme. Bernard Hermann did the music for Season 1, however. Even spookier than this, in my opinion.

  9. tall32guy says:

    @Sabored I’m with ya there! Totally! LOL That HAPPENED to me once actually, if I remember right! LOL

  10. tall32guy says:

    @ThemeParkInReview I’ve never tried that or had that happen, although I imagine it would be spooky. But I HAVE heard this in the dark when I was a kid, unintentionally, and I can assure you it was VERY spooky! O_O LOL!!!

  11. hjkitten says:

    @OmartheHippo Not for me xD i’m 10, you? xD

  12. Spindler2007 says:

    @OmartheHippo No its not because its really terrifying. Like I said before, the dark and this theme´╗┐ tune are a good combination to scare the shit out of ya

  13. batoattack says:

    @skysands2008 Hey you left me out of the bracket. i’m just 34

  14. skysands2008 says:

    This video is most popular with:
    Gender Age
    Male 45-54
    Male 35-44
    Male 55-64

  15. OmartheHippo says:

    Yeah, listening to this late at night in a pitch black room was definitely not a good idea………


    they should do a punk theme for this

  17. ilovelucyfan12 says:

    One of my favorite themes! I think it might be my second fav. I love TZ!

  18. tall32guy says:

    @Spindler2007 I agree! I’ve had some experiences just like the one you described, a few times in my life, when I was younger! LOL

  19. RichardForkins says:

    You are about to enter… The Scary Door

  20. Neginerd200 says:

    This has Gone by Michael Grant written all over it.

  21. duhcopstrangla says:


  22. jcudal32 says:

    @ShadowSoldior tatatatatatatata TA TUN! waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa puuuuuuuuuuuuu PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  23. Kawayol says:

    Just look on my channel.

  24. miketonon says:

    @Kawayol, no, I probably didn’t. Do tell…

  25. Kawayol says:

    …you didn’t got the joke…alright.

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