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The Time Tunnel (STEREO)

Television Intro for this Cult Tv Series from the 60′s. Created by Irwin Allen. With James Darren, Robert Colbert, Whit Bissell.
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25 Responses to “The Time Tunnel (STEREO)”

  1. StukInBuf says:

    A decade and a half later, or so, James Darren would join TJ HOOKER as Ofc. Jim Corrigan.

  2. Knightman5577 says:

    This was my favorite show growing up. Loved the Time Tunnel complex…computers everywhere, consoles. The visuals were really stunning for that time. I also hate when YouTube shows its the “original theme” of shows when it’s, as you mentioned, a remix….and cheesy ones at that. And don’t get me started on those cheesy, stupid animations that people put on here…like the LIS Jupiter 2 taking off and landing or flying over a city . Incredibly LAME.

  3. oldrocker74 says:

    @Knightman5577 You’re exactly right! It’s one of those “remix” versions. Fortunately, I have the whole series with the real theme.

  4. Knightman5577 says:

    This isn’t the original score. Nice try.

  5. Macisaur says:

    @BrainEatingApe He preferred Mr. Peabody, not Dr. but you have a point; at least the Wayback Machine took two living beings exactly where and when in History they wanted to go without government funding.

  6. BrainEatingApe says:

    Not nearly as advanced as Dr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine.

  7. keetongeer says:

    This show was my inspiration for this posted video, “40 Years of History In 3 Minutes”, which revisits events between 1969 and 2011 to the music of The Beatles GET BACK and GLASS ONION. Enjoy.

  8. magguello says:

    Pode parecer velho, mas gosto muito dessa serie !!!

  9. fromthesidelines says:

    A little TOO far back. ‘Leo’. The series appeared on ABC’s Friday night schedule [8-9pm(et)] during the 1966-’67 season. Originaly, at the very end, there was a lead-in to a sponsor I.D. {“‘THE TIME TUNNEL’! Brought to you by….”}, followed by the names of two advertisers who bought one minute ads during the episode…

  10. ewaf88 says:

    @Kharkovkid Even worse George and Laura Bush’s bedroom

  11. Thesuedel says:

    I remember The Time Tunnel, and I learned alot about history through them, such as The sinking of The Titanic, The Alamo, etc. They should bring this show back on TV, since alot of people don’t care about history, especially the younger generation. Remember: “Nothing in history stands alone”, everything is connected”.

  12. BaronVonSchtupp88 says:

    Another on the long list of 50′s and 60′s T.V. shows with great intro. theme music.

  13. VonWenk says:

    @ryoushii, I think the significant difference between Quantum Leap and other time travel shows was that Sam was actively trying to change history, whereas in almost any other time travel show or movie, tampering with history is supposedly something the characters are supposed to avoid doing.

  14. rodrigodlm says:

    John Williams Music

  15. pinboyjorf says:

    the best one was the first one when they were on the titanic.

  16. Leolopes108 says:

    This send me back to 1965 !!!

  17. inspectorgrampy says:

    I used to love that show.I wish they would bring it back on classics or heck,if they can remake Hawaii 5 0 why can’t they remake The Time Tunnel. Just sayin

  18. guijaredtar says:

    Like so many other monstrous creations of Irwin Allen, the actual Time Tunnel is compelling – the stories are not; neither is the acting. But the music is good…composed by “Johnny” Williams.

  19. Kharkovkid says:

    I come from the year 11 B.C. Before Color TV…

  20. ftsjr says:

    I was only 9 when this show was on, but I’d watch it every Friday night. I only wish that it hadn’t been canceled after just one season.

  21. ryoushii says:

    This show suffered from the same problem all timetravel shows (except one) suffer from, the urge to focus on historical events. So they go back, try to change things, and nothing happens. The one show that broke that trap was Quantum Leap, first by restricting the time scale (1952 or so to the present) and by focusing on smaller but no less important lives and events, while still throwing in a big event or person, like the 65 Blackout, or Stephen King as a boy for grins and giggles.

  22. frank47hammer says:

    @ChuckyJesus666 I’ll have to check that out. I never heard of the book.

  23. ChuckyJesus666 says:

    @mystripesinusa Yes, I’m sure I watched the very first episode the first time aired, about the Titanic. I was already fascinated in the topic of the Titanic, as I had an old book which had been printed very soon after the disaster (still have the book).

  24. ChuckyJesus666 says:

    @frank47hammer I thought it was based on a book called the Time Tunnel, which I also read as a youth; perhaps both the film and the series came from the book?

  25. mystripesinusa says:

    @ChuckyJesus666 It is the end my friend.Chucky.Jesus666 That is the end too lol.I like the way you put that together Did you travel thew the time tunnel from the begining my brother.

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