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The Terminator: Death Valley #1

The Terminator: Death Valley #1

Dark Horse Comics~~The Terminator: Death Valley #1 of 4Writer: Alan GrantArtist: Steve PughLetterer: Gary FieldsColorist: Dave StewartEditor: Phil AmaraCover Artist: Steve PughThe Terminator is back in movie theaters and now you can appreciate classic Terminator comics from Dark Horse Comics, on your iPhone or iPod Touch.In celebration of The Terminator game, designed by Large Head Games Ltd., in partnership with Dark Horse Comics, The Terminator: Death Valley #1 is being offered for No cost for a limited time. For far more information about the The Terminator game, check out the Big Head Games section of iTunes or go to the Dark Horse Comics support link below. The Terminator: Death Valley #1It is the rise of machines. It is the fall of man. It is the day of reckoning. The wheels have been set in motion for the extinction of the human race and the ascendance of ruthless, intelligent machines known as Terminators. But 1 man, John Connor, can stop this bleak future from ever coming to be. And until he’s erased from existence, he is the crucial target of the Terminators. In the bleak wastes of Death Valley, two of these killing machines have been sent from the future to discover Connor as a boy. But the Terminators didn’t calculate the possibility of someone finding the boy first—someone with a killer’s past and a score to settle.Full color 87 screensPublished by Dark Horse Comics, Inc., 10956 SE Main St., Milwaukie, OR 97222. Dark Horse Comics® is a trademark of Dark Horse Comics, Inc., registered in several categories and countries. All rights reserved.

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